Fantastic photos that will inspire you to visit Meru County, Kenya.

I was in Meru County briefly over the weekend all the way to Isiolo for those random weekend plans. Hoping to plan a detailed safari soon and share the goodness.

In the meanwhile enjoy these lovely shots that should inspire you to visit Meru!

What are some of the places you’d recommend one to visit in Meru?Let’s engage …

See you soon in Meru soon ?!

Love and wanderlust,

B on Safari ??.

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  • Dion van Aardt

    Thnk you for this. It has really inspired me to go! Love the photos too

  • Gridenko

    I was there over the weekend. It’s an awesome place.
    Makutano is the place to be for night life. Gatimene Gardens hotel along Makutano-Maua road is perfect. I checked out 3 other places before settling for this hotel. It’s very homely, spacious rooms and great service.

    Be sure to visit lake Nkunga – it’s more of a swamp now. Go round the lake, let nature interact with you. Be careful, there were fresh signs of elephants – best that you get a guide and visit in the afternoon.

  • Dan

    Very lovely. I did this route in December. I was in awe.

  • Ada

    Those are amazing photos! Kenya never was on my top list but no I’ve change my mind! It looks wonderful ! I also can’t wait to go to safari in Africa !

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