See, I discovered a new hobby; bird watching. Since I got this professional camera I have captured everything that has a beak, yes, even chicken.

I am a back packer. That means I get to visit so many areas on a budget. Hahaha maybe soon I will hitch hike to my next village destination. All I need is a backpack, my camera, and some money.

I love touring and exploring and on this one mission my curiosity and eagerness to capture more bird species ,and most importantly something different from chicken landed me at Oasis Eco camp on L. Elementaita. It is very likely that you will capture more bird species next to a water body compared to the concrete jungle where I dwell.

The place is a two hour drive from Nairobi and a few kilometers from the main road, well I can say about a twelve minute drive to the camp from the main road at Kikopey.

At first, it did not seem like there was anything breathtaking about the area considering it was very dry at the time. I secretly wondered if I was going enjoy myself. But you see, being adventurous is a bit different from luxurious travel. It is the love of surprises and the unexpected that makes it  (backpacking) very interesting.

We got to the camp at around 8:00 pm for an over night stay. On arrival, David the proprietor of the camp gave us a very warm welcome and handed us over to one of the caretakers on camp who helped us carry stuff from the vehicle to the tented camps.

I expected to be ushered to a some small pitched tent with a sleeping bag as I am used to when I go mountain climbing but joke on me.You see, there really is nothing cool about a cold night in a small tent plus the fear of crawling animals.But for the love of exploring and seeing breathtaking landscapes and animals you have to persevere. Like its said you have to endure the rain to see the rainbow… we were taken to the camp site where our tents were, to my pleasant surprise the tents were self contained. Yes, self contained and the beds had this unique African finishing with fresh smelling bedding and clean towels. Did I mention the hot shower?

tented camp

The best part of the camping night was to discover we could also charge our phones and cameras as we barbecued and bonded at a bonfire that was lit for us. Gideon the caretaker also informed us that the camp has fully furnished self catering cottages that can house up to ten people at very good rates. That I could not doubt one bit considering the amount I paid for our accommodation.(More reason you should organize something for you and your travel friends.)

Nothing beats the feeling of waking up with to the village experience.

The morning village experience is basically waking up to the chirruping of birds,the chattering of monkeys as they jump from branch to branch in the small bushes behind the tents,the mowing of the Masai cattle and the gentle breeze that comes from the lake.

No sirens, no blasts, no gun shots, no honking of matatus, nothing of the sort. No dust, no smoke no concoction of colognes, nothing. Just nature in its purest form.

I opened my eyes to the most beautiful view of the lake. Really, ..I would go back again just for that scenery. wake up to this.

I wanted to catch the birds in the early morning as they feed. I put on my dark trench coat armed with my camera ready for my adventure. Oh, you don’t wear brightly colored clothes when going for bird watching that scares them away.

Oasis Eco camp has a variety of bird species. These birds I captured included; the wood pecker, king fishers,ducks, geese,vultures eagles,sacred ibis,southern fiscal, black lored babbler amongst many others.

some of the captured birds

some of the captured birds

birdie 3 birdies

So the next time you are out of town, get a nice camera… because memories are made of this.

After breakfast, we decided to explore the other side of the camp, we had been told that some parts of the lake had small hot water springs, It was so excited to see for myself. A little refresher course for my Geography classes. I only remember it had something to do with volcanicity. Maybe the next time I visit there again, I will ask questions, but this time, I will gladly just enjoy myself.

The day was getting hotter but this could not deter us from finding the hot water part of the lake.

This part of the rift is very beautiful. Best scenery for most kinds of creative photo shoots, perfect environment for writers and generally a place to think and relax.

Dipping my legs in one of the tubs dug by the locals for a natural warm water pedicure as I lazily gazed across the lake to catch a glimpse of the geese and ducks feeding and grooming was just thing for the moment.

I took photos, very nice photos, framed some and sent to friends on their special days,got a mini pedicure, and most importantly took a break and rejuvenated. It was a well deserved break.

Connect with yourself, connect with nature and enjoy yourself. most importantly Reflect!

Because we need to pause, relax and live.

Because we need to pause, relax and live.

See you soon as we visit the next village,remember to visit Oasis.