About Bonita

Welcome to Bonita on Safari. An award winning online travel magazine run by Bonita.Bonita is travel blogger, travel writer,hobbyist photographer,trip planner and travel consultant who works to travel.


I created this platform with a special focus on millennials who list travel as their fourth basic need, young professionals who want to spend their money on travel experiences, and to demonstrate how you can still have a full time job and travel as much as you want. The blog has become a reference point for sustainable travel experiences.

Archery in Kenya
Maasai of Maasai Mara
Summiting Mount Kenya
Ziplining in Sagana Kenya.

The blog has since grown in popularity and was nominated in two categories during the 2018 Kenyan Blog Awards;Best Travel Blog and Kenyan Blog of the year where it scooped Kenyan Blog of the Year-2018.

This amongst many other accolades, Bonita on Safari has been featured on local dailies like the Daily Nation Newspaper, The Standard Newspaper and Fly Rwandair’s inflight magazine;Inzozi.

I have also written for Daily Nation,Silverstone Air Inflight magazine; Tembea na Silverstone Air,various hotels,China Roads and Bridge Corporation amongst many other entities.

Through blogging and mastery of travel influencing using social media, I have taken up opportunities notably the DW Akademie’s Women @ Web as a facilitator to speak about Digital story telling with focus on its impacts,risks and opportunities, and as a speaker in Travel Tales KE a mentorship program for students in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Facilitating DW Akademie’s Women @Web workshop hosted by Siasa Place.

I belong to a group of enthusiastic young black travelers who are changing the African narrative article by article,photo by photo,video by video and country by country by telling the beautiful African stories that the mainstream media has been shy to tell. I write about hotels,people and culture, destinations,airlines, travel products,tour operators and anything that is linked to travel.

Catch flights,not feelings.

Welcome aboard!