Its Friday, I am bored.

The only thing that is on my mind is to go away for the weekend. So I am here trying to see where I can dash to for the weekend. I look around the office and realize my laptop back is there. So best thing to do is to empty my handbag, leave it in the office the carry the laptop bag for my safari.

I have some cash, I have a back pack, no camera but my ipad takes beautiful photos so that will do for the weekend. What I am missing? Clothes to change to… those can be bought on my way, no problem.

Destination, Nanyuki. Venue,Storms Resort. Am out.

What makes my travels interesting is the spontaneous nature and trying to maintain a budget.

leaving the office

Leaving the office.

You can choose to drive down or use public means. I decided to use public means. I went to the CBD, then on Accra road where there is a matatu terminus called Tearoom. The Nanyuki Matatus are taken from here but they take long because I guess not so many people travel down compared to the other matatus I have taken out of town. So you might want to drive down to avoid the unnecessary waste of time.

Before I knew it, we were already on the Thika Super Highway. I have never gone beyond Thika town, so the excitement I had about going to a very new place was immeasurable.

It was getting darker as we moved but I remember reading sign posts on the road indicating the areas we were approaching like Murang’a, Karatina, Naro moru and Chaka amongst others. These are names I only got to here on TV or read in books.

I arrived in Nanyuki at around 9:00 pm, then contacted the hotel to send me a cab guy’s number (safety is paramount). It costs between Ksh 1000-1500 from the town center to the resort. Compared to Nairobi, this was very fare pricing. I guess I would have paid six times more to cover the same distance if it was in Nairobi.

The air in the Nanyuki is very fresh. Cant be compared with the teargas we breath in Nairobi.

The drive to the hotel was about 40 minutes.It was an all weather road with a number of diversions.Having someone who knows the area better is an added advantage to avoid getting lost.

You know you are in a village when you spot dik diks and hares hopping very the fast into the bushes to hide when they spot the vehicle’s headlights.

The cab guy is a very warm young man. Very chatty too.He explained to me how Nanyuki is a very wealthy town both naturally and economically. His name is John… At first,I was not in a chit chat mode with him because I was tired, until he started telling me how he knows of a hotel in Nanyuki owned by a white settler and is built on a tree.

Each hotel room according to him had a gym, and a ‘Sahunya’. I kept wondering what a Sahunya was… hahaha you cant imagine my amusement when I discovered a Sahunya was supposed to be a Sauna. Interesting guy.

My talkative cab guy, now friend entertained me all the way to the hotel.

I arrived at the hotel a few minutes to 10:00 pm. I couldn’t wait to document that too in a pic.

Storms Resort

Storms Resort

It was now getting very cold and I was super tired. I needed to rest for the next day. Upon getting to the hotel, I got to the warmest reception by the resort’s manager then was taken to the cottage I was going to put up in. Very tastefully furnished with a modern touch, complete with cable TV, hot water shower and was self contained. The food was also very well done.  I must give it up to the chef.

Cottage, sitting room area.

Cottage, sitting room area.

Day 2:

From my hotel I was told I could see  Mt.Kenya but only when I wake up very early. So I kept waking up the previous night hoping it was morning so I don’t miss to see the mountain clearly. The reason for this is, once the sun comes up, and evaporation of the ice at the peak starts, thick cloud form thus blurring visibility.

A sight to behold, isn’t Kenya a beautiful country?

Mt.Kenya as seen from the hotel.

Mt.Kenya as seen from the hotel.

All I wanted after breakfast was the quad bike racing…Their racing track is very big and constantly reminded me of the rhino charge,the terrain was rough and rocky… For  a 1000 bob you go half a track that lasts between 30-45 mins. Good deal huh…

quad bike

Quad bike…

Part two of the day:

The resort sits on a 1,000 acre piece of land and is home to many birds, wild animals and a river that borders the area which am told by one of the game rangers is called Engare Nanyuki translated to mean River Nanyuki according the Maasai dialect.

Engare Nanyuki

Engare Nanyuki

There are many other seasonal tributaries that have since dried up…exposing their beautiful river beds.

dry river bed.

Dry river bed.

I had never touched a Mugumo tree until the Nanyuki weekend. Am told this is a smaller version of the tree…I wondered how big a fully grown one would look like. This one was too huge if you ask me…The Mugumo tree is a very sacred tree according to the Kikuyu People of Kenya…

Sacred Mugumo tree

Sacred Mugumo tree.

My very good friend Joseph who was showing me around told me to take a photo of him, he was so excited about the photography and even requested me to wait for his cattle to come back from grazing so I take a picture of them…

my friend...

my friend…

It’s almost 5:00 pm now, and I am already too tired… as I always say there is no better way to connect with self than spending time with nature. The weather starts changing and before I know it, we are all running away from the abrupt downpour… the village thrill.

I wind up my day at the counter… doc says no alcoholic drink. Not even fermented fruits hahaha…but this guy … I think he scored a first class in his mixology class… he says this cocktail is called Springboks…the art of appreciating  Amarula  the fruit…

Springboks cocktail

Springboks cocktail hope I got the name right…

Days fly fast especially when you dont want them to…

Day 2:

Nothing much planned for this day…I practically did everything there was to be done, including sampling Nanyuki Night life which turned out to be some sort of disappointment. My morning started at 10:00 am. I felt sad that I had to leave but the fulfillment within is unmatched!I grabbed my brunch and checked out. I was hoping my Sahunya guy would come pick me, but a rather quiet and shy driver came.

Last but not least, I saw this beautiful gorge on my way from the resort, I wish I knew it name…20151108_125716

I loved my stay in this village… hope to meet you here again as I tell you tales from my next village…

Before you go,

I almost broke my leg as ran away from this guy right at the doorstep when coming from the night club…

giant tarantula

Giant tarantula

Just a heads-up… always walk with a spot light in the village!