10 reasons why you need to go to Distant Relatives...

10 reasons why you need to go to Distant Relatives; Kilifi, Kenya.

“Travel while you’re young and able. Don’t worry about the money, just make it work. Experience is far more valuable than money will ever be” These are the famous words of David Wolfe.

Distant Relatives is home away from home. It is easily one of the best backpackers there is on the Kenyan Coast. I spent one of my holidays there and I can strongly recommend it to anyone looking for a budget place to visit in Kilifi.

Here are my ten reasons why you should be on your way there already!

1. Accommodation

They have a wide array of accommodation to choose from depending on your budget. My favorite, of course, is the tent. It has a capacity of two. They will charge you slightly over a thousand Kenyan shillings per person sharing for a night. ($10)

2. Environmental Friendly

The Cape Town Declaration of 2002 defines responsible tourism as making better places for people to live in and better places to visit. It pushes for tour operators and other stakeholders to take action and make tourism more sustainable. Distant relatives has by all means walked and talked about the gospel of responsible tourism. So if you are keen on environmental conservation then you will have a field day there because almost everything is recycled. From the tumblers used at the bar to the manure used at the farm.

That you are reading this post, it means you are an outdoor enthusiast and probably you do love camping. Check out this outdoor showers  for your next adventure.

Distant relatives is also the only place in the world that you can find Viceroy old liqueur  growing on trees! lol

Viceroy growing on a tree...well you wish..
Viceroy growing on a tree…you wish..

Just on your way to the farm, is a common shower inside a tiny bamboo forest. You can occasionally see tiny frogs and other harmless reptiles as you enjoy your showers under the bamboo canopy. The water is then recycled for farm use!

3. Meet the world

Visitors at the Eco Lodge come from all corners of the world as observed. Listen to music from different countries, have a good laugh and learn from the different cultures represented here. All you need is a rapport with people you are genuinely interested in learning from.

I tend to think if a good number of young people took time to travel and understand different cultures, perhaps half of the world’s problems caused by ignorance and in-exposure can be solved. As Mahatma Gandhi said…”Travel is the language of peace.”

friends and cultural exchange

4. Chill and enjoy your ‘you’ time

If there is one thing I totally appreciated about distant relatives is the space and the interior decor. It is so natural, laid back and inviting. You can have a quick afternoon nap, read a book, lazy in a pod or just relax and enjoy the cool music in the background.

chill lounge

5. Discover your talent or lack of

It is one thing to know that you can not play the guitar, darts or even pool then, it is another thing to have it confirmed by trying and failing horribly…

At distant relatives, you are sure to spend your afternoon perfecting your skills in these and other games or just having a good time as you learn or compete with other travelers.

One of the ways of spending time while at the backpackers.
Try out foosball.
Try out Foosball.

6. Go on a fishing trip with local fishermen

Red snapper caught during the fishing trip.
Red snapper caught during the fishing trip.

7. Swimming

Isn’t that what everybody who visits the backpackers does? The coast is generally hot, and naturally, the body will try to regulate it’s temperature back to normal. This leaves swimming as the most viable idea.

Swim, swim and swim.

8. Party inside the Musafir

I am meant to understand there is a story behind Musafir the dhow… luckily during my stay at Distant Relatives, I was privileged to go to a party held in the Musafir deep inside the creek at night… Ha ha ha talk of culture shock with all this foreign music and dancing styles! Were it not for Bob Nesta Marley’s Redemption Song and get up, stand up, I would have completely floated… but as I always say, we travel to learn and appreciate our differences.


9. Sunset!

Enjoy the best view of the magical sunset as sip your favorite drink!


10.Pizza Friday!

The delicious hand made pizza, that is well cooked in a wood-fired oven, boasts of its thin-crust coupled with generous toppings making  Fridays at Distant Relatives a day worth looking forward to.

See the topping?
See the topping?

Other things to do…

Go to the beach.

Visit the beach at any time of the day or night!


Last but not least…


Shop at their boutique for unique African wear and a host of other stuff. If you want to buy your friends and family gifts, this is the perfect place to.

Gift shop!
Gift shop!  


I travel, I write about travel. I take travel photos. Talk to me about destination reviews,cultural trips, and responsible tourism.

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