Author: Bonita

The Little Mermaid Statue-Copenhagen,Denmark

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen has been on top of my bucket-list for a while now and checking it out recently during my trip to Europe was both exciting and a bit underwhelming. Exciting because I got to see one of the most famous statues in the world,but underwhelming because it was so small! It is 1.25 meters  tall and weighs 175 kilograms. Being the most visited place in Denmark with tourist numbers hitting a million plus,you’d expect a larger than life structure (I know it is called the ‘little’ mermaid…but still that doesn’t mean it has to...

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When Mark Wambui travels,we all take notes…

Traveling always feels like an escape… its like you leave all your problems, fears and worries behind till you return. On the road I feel alive, excited… there is so much to learn, see, experience. Plus you have that extra benefit of meeting new people… and this is strange but for a long time I used to pressure myself in wanting to talk to people… but being on the road has taught me that the people you were meant to meet you shall… you just need to be open to it.

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Winnie Rioba-Catch her if you can!

You probably know her as Just Rioba on social media or the girl with some of the most enviable travel photos in the Kenyan travel space. She travels, takes videos of her travels,blogs then leaves you with the burden of FOMO as if nothing happened. We caught up on one easy Sunday for brunch at the K1 flea market, and I was beyond convinced that y’all need to know her and keep up with her travels. Here is part of our convo… 1.Describe your self in three words. Stubborn.Passionate.Daring. 2.But why do you travel? I have no solid reason...

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