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Photos that will make you want to visit Central Island,Turkana County.

Place of Interest: Central Island National Park. Location: Turkana County. Country:Kenya Access from the nearest town;Lodwar:┬áBy boats or flying into the island. Things to do: Camping,fishing,photography,filming, hiking,swimming. Precaution: Has thousands of mosquitoes at night, carry strong repellents and treated mosquito nets. Why Central Island: Has the best sunrise and Sunset, gives you a break from city life and detaches you from the internet. Recommendations: Carry lots of drinking water and fruits. The sun doesn’t play there. Nearest resort: Elite Springs Resort and Campsite. Getting there from Nairobi: Based on the road conditions, its advisable to use a 4WD, or...

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Tuliza Cottage- A lakeside country house in Gilgil,Kenya

Nairobi living is not for the faint-hearted. When a Nairobian tells you they need a break,trust them. Time moves faster in Nairobi but traffic doesn’t. For this reason, it is almost difficult to beat deadlines and meet clients at scheduled times. Moving around and getting things done is almost an impossibility. However,man must live. By the time you are done with the cycle, you you’ve completely burned out and the only perfect escape is a day or two out of town. Getting out of town sounds great. Unfortunately settling on a destination that is not so far from Nairobi,...

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Greenwoods Campsite and Resort-Eldoret,Kenya.

Compared to the many campsites I have been to before, Greenwoods stood out for many reasons; Security, Space, wide array of accommodation options, exceptional level of hygiene and most importantly it had that amiable,homely feel that can only describe and establishment that has been built with love.

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