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A Maya Gardens Weekend

Kirinyaga as I knew it… I’ve known Kirinyaga from a friend of mine because it is her village. Anytime I hear the word upcounrty, a lot comes into mind: Our own ‘Great Wall of China’ along the  Nairobi-Nakuru highway, hours on the road traversing a county after the other and generally getting to the village late in the evening right before dinner is served. With my understanding of a how a trip upcountry usually is like, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do another shagz trip.Especially after a friend highly recommended this place in Kirinyaga called Maya Gardens. The...

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Sand between my toes, a regular doze of vitamin sea and other vibes from Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa

The last time I went to Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa the weather was grey and gloomy. It rained every single day and I never really got to wear my palm hat, sip cocktails by the beach, flaunt my new swimwear, get the powdery sand between my toes and lazy around the resort as I wait for sunset. Luckily, Diani Reef is a self-contained Resort and not even bad weather stopped me then from enjoying a nice holiday. I wrote a post about the hotel and its facilities from a previous visit and here are more reasons why...

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Exploring Rwanda via Uganda through a Kenyan eye

By Raphael Mworia For a Kenyan, there are various reasons why a visit to Rwanda is important. Let’s start with a pissing competition; they have more beautiful girls, better roads (imagine no bumps at all and they have a sensible 60 km/h speed limit suited for the traveller and they drive on the right), their Kigali city is as orderly and clean as we see only in movies, their bodabodas are polite and orderly, their cops are respected and do not take bribes, their public transport is organized and really works and their road furniture is just up there....

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