Author: Bonita

an encounter with nature at Voyager Ziwani

It is OK for the sun to play hide and seek during the cold season in Kenya, but totally depressing when it disappears the entire day, then for days and worse still if the biting cold persists for a week! Morning coughs and cold sniffles, grey clouds, empty streets and frozen fingers are a boring norm during this period. From the month of June, the cold weather went on and on, it was hard to tell when it would come to an end.I had been making plans to look for sunshine but every possible suggestion was not any better...

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#KisumuIGTour: Riding on Renault,sleeping under the acacia and chasing sunsets

Instagram Tours commonly known as IG tours are synonymous with Turn.Up Travel. IG tours have quickly become a household name in the Kenyan travel scene with its popularity spanning amongst the Nairobian millennial who want it all when it comes to travel. I have experienced two episodes of the IG tours, both of which were in Nairobi and I must say they are a great avenue to explore the city of the moment. When I got an invite to attend the Kisumu version I had no reservations. If the previous versions were anything to go by, then I was...

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The Little Mermaid Statue-Copenhagen,Denmark

The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen has been on top of my bucket-list for a while now and checking it out recently during my trip to Europe was both exciting and a bit underwhelming. Exciting because I got to see one of the most famous statues in the world,but underwhelming because it was so small! It is 1.25 meters  tall and weighs 175 kilograms. Being the most visited place in Denmark with tourist numbers hitting a million plus,you’d expect a larger than life structure (I know it is called the ‘little’ mermaid…but still that doesn’t mean it has to...

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