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When Mark Wambui travels,we all take notes…

Traveling always feels like an escape… its like you leave all your problems, fears and worries behind till you return. On the road I feel alive, excited… there is so much to learn, see, experience. Plus you have that extra benefit of meeting new people… and this is strange but for a long time I used to pressure myself in wanting to talk to people… but being on the road has taught me that the people you were meant to meet you shall… you just need to be open to it.

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Winnie Rioba-Catch her if you can!

You probably know her as Just Rioba on social media or the girl with some of the most enviable travel photos in the Kenyan travel space. She travels, takes videos of her travels,blogs then leaves you with the burden of FOMO as if nothing happened. We caught up on one easy Sunday for brunch at the K1 flea market, and I was beyond convinced that y’all need to know her and keep up with her travels. Here is part of our convo… 1.Describe your self in three words. Stubborn.Passionate.Daring. 2.But why do you travel? I have no solid reason...

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Four Points by Sheraton- Nairobi Airport

If you are frequent traveler in and out of Nairobi via Jomo Kenyatta International Airport,and you know only too well what a menace the Nairobi traffic jam is; then move closer because this post is specially dedicated to you. Located inside the JKIA on Tower Avenue,Four Points by Sheraton,Nairobi Airport offers the much needed convenience and an ideal stopover for clients and tourists who want to experience some bit relaxation and a taste of Kenya while on the move. Checking in: As you drive into the hotel, you can’t help but notice how everything is in place, starting from...

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Marsabit Lake Turkana Cultural Festival-2018

Remember the Turkana Odyssey by Xtrym Adventures last year,December? The one that got all of us  super excited and constantly looking for every reason/excuse to go to Turkana and generally explore Northern Kenya? Well,then. If you are still keen on that adventure then this is just the perfect opportunity to grab. We are at it again with Xtrym Adventures, only that this time it’s going to be bigger and better. There will be a colorful display of art and culture in the biggest conglomerate of the 14 tribes of Northern Kenya as we celebrate the annual Marsabit-Lake Turkana Festival from...

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Things to carry for a safari getaway

As you can tell from the blog’s name,I love to be on safari. Over the years, I have spent most of my time exploring the wild outdoors, surrounding myself with nature, and checking out what some of the greatest lodges and safari routes have to offer. Because a safari is completely different from any other holiday, it’s often difficult to decide what you need to pack. How on earth do you decide? Well, here’s my ultimate guide of what to pack for a safari getaway: Neutral clothing When you see pictures and videos of safaris on television and in films, you often see people driving around the Savannah with camouflage clothing on. While the colours of camouflage are perfect for the bush, camouflage clothing is actually illegal in some countries around the world. Because of this, it’s better to avoid this style of clothing and opt for neutral colours that will allow you to blend in with your surroundings… but not too much! Binoculars One of the main reasons I spend most of my time on safari is because I love to surround myself with nature. Sure, I love to spend my evenings living the life of luxury and getting pampered in exotic resorts (who doesn’t?!), but during the day I like to take myself into the wild and explore everything it has to offer. To get the most...

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