Cranes Haven, Kitale; the luxury tented camp you m...

Cranes Haven, Kitale; the luxury tented camp you must visit

Nestled in the middle of the huge maize farms of Kitale, some 24km from Kitale city center, on the Kitale-Ziwa-Cherangany Road, is the beautiful, rustic, tented camp called Cranes Haven. The name of this hidden gem comes from the endangered grey crowned cranes that inhabit the area near where it was built.

A rare find

It was a pleasant surprise to find a luxury tented camp in Kitale, considering most of the accommodation on those sides are the usual hotels located around and within the busy town center , targeting walk-ins and mostly a clients who are on transit and a looking for a night stay as they head to their destination. Cranes Haven is the exact opposite, a small holiday getaway that needs more than just a night as you unwind and enjoy nature.

About Cranes Haven

The property has five tented camps, a spa (beautifully burrowed in a bamboo plantation), a heated pool, a well stocked bar, a lounge and restaurant.

The tented camps are adequately raised off the ground, with a spacious front porch that has a hammock and a set of seats. Inside the tented camp is another world of wonder. A queen size bed, a Victorian chandelier hanging immaculately at the top, a vintage hard wood ottoman and sofa seat, then a nice hard wood work surface that doubles up as a work top and a dressing mirror. The night stands at each side of the bed a pair of beige lampshades that blended decently with theme of the room. A colorful handwoven Scandinavian rug immaculately gave the room a complete look.

A clawfoot bathtub

If you have been reading my blogs and checking out my Instagram, I know you know that I love a vintage clawfoot bathtub because to me, nothing else spells out class and elegance than this piece which was greatly inspired by 1800’s English furniture models. I love how it sparkles, the sturdiness, the ambience it spells out and generally how it adds color to an otherwise basic space. In addition to the bathtub, there is also a heated shower, towel rack and free standing full length mirror in the bathroom.

A collectors paradise

It might be interesting to note that the owners of the  property  are antique collectors and every so often, you will see of masks from different parts of Africa, brass artifacts, copper plates, photos and articles from different corners of the world, making the entrance and lobby a collectors’ delight with a rich history and stories that inspired the establishment of the property.

The head customer relations, Lemunen, has a deep understanding of the camp and the region, and if you are lucky enough, you will get a chance to be served at the bar by him. His Maasai regalia totally matches the aesthetic of the camp.

They produce their own coffee

The other thing that I totally loved about Cranes Haven, is that the coffee that is served at the property is grown, roasted and packed at the premise. The smell of roasted coffee in the countryside of Kitale, at the lounge of a beautiful tented camp makes for a perfect evening.

What you will pay

It will cost you from Kshs 10,000 single and Ksh 15,000 double ( but confirm with hotel before booking) to experience a night at the lodge. I hope you get to visit and enjoy some luxury at the heart of maize farms. for more info check out Cranes Haven’s website.

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The annual wine and cheese festival

The proprietors of Cranes Haven have been hosting an annual wine and cheese pairing event which attracts a good number of attendees. The festival is back and bigger after a hiatus caused by the pandemic! This time, it includes an Agro show for farmers across the country. The event will be held on the 11th of December 2021, and you are cordially invited, the way I was cordially invited by madam Zipporah Kittony.

See you there!


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  1. Lemunen is a humble guy with awesome skills. He is a rare gem within Cranes Haven. Am proud of him not just for being my Brother, but of the love he shows in his profession.

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