I received The Versatile Blogger Award!

I received The Versatile Blogger Award!

I love travel.

I started this travel blog in February 2016 to document and share my travel experiences. Last month, I was honored to receive The Versatile Blogger Award nomination from Zoe of Zo Around the world.

Zoe a self confessed over-organised travel planner has been to over 20 countries and three continents so far.Her blog is a collection of her travel experiences that focus on providing budget travel advice together with off the beaten path locations and itineraries. Travel has become part of Zoe’s life and she hopes to show her readers how travel can be a part of their lives too.

The Versatile Blogger Award  is an award given to bloggers by bloggers as a fun way to discover new blogs.

As part of the rules of nomination, I am now sharing with you seven random facts about me.

  1. I started blogging seven years ago but brought down my creative writing blog to start this travel blog.
  2. I take an average of 15 photos a day.(Of everything else apart from Selfies)
  3. I have always wanted to be a lawyer.
  4. I enjoy being alone 90% of the time.
  5. I don’t like alcohol.
  6. I have never set an alarm to wake me up.
  7. I love electronics and I own a tool box.

I now nominate:

1. Elisabeth Bunch of Pages of my passport.

Libs as some people call her is originally from the Pacific Northwest.She began exploring the planet in the year 2012.Since then,she has been to 84 cities,18 countries and 4 continents.She speaks Spanish,Italian and some French. Her wish is to share her adventures and inspire someone to start their journey in travels.

2. Sarah Rbz of Wanderlust Vegans.

Sarah’s blog is about is traveling and all the wonderful vegan finds she  encounters on her  journeys.She currently lives  in South Korea and hopes to explore all vegan options around her.

3. Harsh of Wanderers Hub.

Wanderers Hub is a travel blog by Prerna & Harsh who are trying to make the most of their weekends and annual leaves to explore India and beyond. Their plan is to visit the less explored places, travel slow, get taste of the local life, and tick big adventures off their bucket-list.

4. Alana Mary of Family Bites Travel

Family Bites Travel blog by Mary was started to teach their kids to be socially-responsible, environmentally-protective and culturally-aware world citizens. Their aim is to broaden peoples minds with a slim wallet and open-heart!

5. Nathan of Foodie Flashpacker.

Nathan Aguilera is from Oklahama city. He has been away from home for nearly three years now and has since been to fifty countries, dove some of the best dive sites in the world, attended some unforgettable festivals, met some of the most incredible people from all over the globe and discovered his passion for food and wine.

6. Perrine Muller of Details of Perrine.

Perrine is a French girl who got bit by the wanderlust bug and fuses her travels with fashion!

7. Melissa Hamilton of Honeybadventures.

Melissa is the true reflection of everything and anything is possible if you put mind on it and trust God in all your doings. She has lived the expat life and her inspiration to travel comes from her past experiences,loss of her brother and the need to debunk the myth that travel is for the rich!

A big congratulations to my nominees and all the best as they share with us there random facts and nominate other bloggers.




I travel, I write about travel. I take travel photos. Talk to me about destination reviews,cultural trips, and responsible tourism.

  1. Harsh Gupta

    8 January

    Thanks for nominating us, Bonnie! We really appreciate your nomination. I wish your blog loads of success in 2017! May you remain as versatile as ever. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for nominating us! We actually based in England though!

  3. Myra

    11 January

    Congratulations darling and yes I can attest to your love of electronics ?

  4. Melissa

    11 January

    Thank you for the nomination

  5. Hi Bonnita! Thanks again for nominating us. Here is our nomination post!

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