Lost in paradise: A weekend at the Voyager – Ziwan...

Lost in paradise: A weekend at the Voyager – Ziwani Camp

You’ve practically read all the reviews on TripAdvisor or expedia about the best places to be when on Safari in Kenya… You’ve probably even scanned through all client 5-star reviews on google, but still, you are lost for choice, and can’t make up your mind. Worry no more! Let me fill you in one of Kenya’s best kept secret.

A pearl in the wilderness

Perched away on the eastern slopes of the World’s Highest free-standing mountain, the Voyager’s Ziwani Camp is your next favorite gateway to the expansive wilderness that is the Tsavo. Mornings from the serene tented camp are an experience to behold. At dawn, the lazy grunts of the wild hippo as it grazes on the manicured lawns interrupts your sleep as the shrieks of the regal African fish eagle – calling its mate – bring to your attention the richness of the day ahead of you. But how do you get here in the first place?

Getting to Voyager Ziwani Camp

Nothing  matches up to the satisfaction drawn from an incident-free trip across the African landscape.

The Madaraka express is one of the best, faster and cheaper alternative to get to Ziwani. The train passes right through the heart of Tsavo National Park and makes the ideal stop at Voi Intermediate Station in under 3 hours from Nairobi.


The other scenic and adventurous alternative route to the Voyager Ziwani tented camp from the city of Nairobi would be through the A109, down towards Mombasa, then take a right turn on the C102 when you get to Emali town. The enchanting route,will treat you to zebras,gazelles and occasional elephants on the expansive wilderness. This road trip takes an average 6 hours, getting you intimately familiar with the landscape of the vast land conquered by the famous Maasai of Kenya. If you start your trip late morning, you can make it on time for a sumptuous buffet dinner at the voyager. Along the way, you’ll have a chance to get souvenir curios and mementos from vendors at Emali or Oliotokitok towns…

Sundowner in The Jewel of Tsavo

Driving into the Voyager Ziwani tented camp at sunset is an experience to behold, with a breathtaking view of the sun setting behind the majestic Mawenzi peak of the towering Kilimanjaro.

Ziwani’s Pier – Best place for a cold evening’s drink

A sundowner with chilled drinks, some fast Wi Fi and a great bunch of friends the on the lawns next to the Sante dam as hippos float on the shallows is the perfect way to see the day off. The raging bonfire keeps the stories flowing as another thrilling day gives way to a spectacular night sky. And Voyager Ziwani will not let you down, with the residents naturalists, Salim and Lekatoo on hand to treat you to a tour of the night skies with powerful telescopes!

After the thrilling views of the night skies, a sumptuous dinner follows


Enjoy a cold beer or cocktail by the lake, on the bosom of the Sante Dam’s pier, watching the hippo peep and emerge from the water for their nightly browse as if to eves-drop on your conversation. From the pier, you can order from Ziwani’s savoury menu of soups, salads, fish and meat, both barbecued or grilled… followed by cheese and/or dessert.

Your favorite meal is just a call away… or you can let the chef take your taste buds on an adventure… you’ll get the best meals under the African night skies, no doubt.

The peace of the night: a star-gazer’s bounty

Growing up, we believed wishes come true if we made them at the sight of a shooting star… The night sky at Ziwani is expansive and unpolluted. Leaning back from the comfort of your chair or hammock, you get to gaze at the wondrous beauty of the stars in their glorious constellations. In fact, from the confines of Ziwani tented camp, you can unmistakably identify up to 60 of the 88 known constellations. The clear,rolling skies makes it easier to catch a glimpse of virtually every shooting star. This is the ideal ambiance for a marriage proposal or a birthday weekend treat(Just saying…!)Retiring for the night in Ziwani’s tents is yet another experience fit for royalty. The re-done tents are bigger, with en-suite bathrooms and all modern amenities to bring you all the comfort of your home in a tent. The tents are organized in a half-circle around a well manicured lawn and best of all, each tent has its own veranda giving you an unobstructed view of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Accommodation at the Voyager Ziwani Tented Camp

Lost and unwilling to be found: The Game and landscape of Ziwani

The African nights at Ziwani are quite exciting and full of thrill. From the frightful distant roar of the Tsavo lions, to the sweet chatter and activity of the nocturnal birds and animals. At sunrise, the aroma of the freshly baked breads will waft you from your bed to the restaurant. You’ll be served a breakfast of unending choice of tropical fruits and juice blends. The chefs never tire to keep your plate supplied with sausages, bacon, beans, cheeses, or eggs cooked just like you like it!

The best times to go on a game drive is usually in the morning… when both prey and predators alike are flowing with excitement and energy for the next chase, dash or hunt. you can take a morning game drive into the Tsavo West National Park, visit the various World War I battle grounds. Other places include Lake Chala, Lake Jipe and the Grogan Castle. You can go for either a morning and afternoon nature walk, while a night game is a must – Ziwani being in a sanctuary is one of the few places you can enjoy this encounter with nocturnal animals in Kenya.

Rich Wildlife at the comfort of your tented camp

Time flies so fast at the camp and, honestly, a weekend would hardly ever be sufficient! The camp itself is an amazing work of art… a good mix of the greens and browns, which blends far too well with the sub-saharan bush. Voyager Ziwani sits in a private sanctuary that extends into the eastern edge of the Tsavo. For the more conservative traveler, you’ll get the advantage of being a breathe away from crocodile, hippo and a myriad of bird species that come to water in the Sante dam. Ziwani is a Birder’s paradise. You may also take an hour’s nature walk around the sanctuary and the dam, with the resident wardens and guides assuring your safety all the way.

Rich in History, Rich in experiences: No place like Ziwani!

Being within eyeshot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Voyager Ziwani would be the ideal stopover on your way to climbing Africa’s tallest peak. Tales are told of mane-less lions that meted a spate of terror on a company of rail-builders as they were setting up the Kenya-Uganda railway in the Tsavo. Infamously christened ‘The Man-eaters’ of the Tsavo, this pride of lions were finally gunned down, but not before ending the lives of several railway workers towards the end of the 19th Century. When you visit the Voyager Ziwani, you get to encounter the descendants of The Man-eaters of the Tsavo. You’ll also be amazed at the majesty of the mighty Red Elephants of the Tsavo. The Tsavo boasts the largest herds of the few remaining elephants in Kenya.

With tales trapped in the facets of time; from battle fields frozen in the First World War, to the rich life flowing in the clear waters of the Mzima springs, the serenity within and around the Voyager Ziwani is unmatched… If I ever get lost at ziwani, please don’t come find me!


Come with us to Voyager Ziwani Camp the weekend of 29th-1st of October 2017.

Our good friends at Ziwani and Turn Up Travel have set up a discounted rate fun filled weekend just to quench your thirst for that African Safari to the Tsavo West National Park.

It would be unfair to reveal everything in this blog post and therefore the untold story is going to be discovered by you. Join me, Turn Up Travel and other travel enthusiasts for this epic trip.

For Ksh 24,000, get to experience  a wild weekend getaway at the Luxurious Voyager Ziwani Camp for 3 days and 2 Nights from the 29th of September to the 1st of October 2017.

This fee is Inclusive of:

  • 2 nights full board accommodation.
  • One way train ticket from Nairobi to Voi and Return by road in a safari van.
  • Excursion to Lake Chala and Gicheha Ranch Tour
  • Sundowner at the camp
  • Game drives through Tsavo West,Mzima Springs,Poachers Lookout and Shetani Lava.

You can book you slot by paying a deposit of Ksh 5000 to Lipa na Mpesa till number 741321,

or Email:

or Call 0724215977.

You can also download the poster below for more details and share with your friends…The more the merrier!



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  1. korea phil

    11 September

    The Ziwani camp looks surreal. I can say that you really enjoy your stay in there. Your photos are stunning. I am now motivated to visit the place once I will be given a chance. Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

  2. Ania Ewelina

    12 September

    Wow I never even heard of Ziwani before but I would love to go to Kenya sometime. Your photos look incredible and I would love to visit there sometime. Saving for future.

  3. Anthony Jury

    15 September

    It has been a dream of mine, since childhood to go ona African safari, don’t care which one just want to do it. I am sure they are all decent.
    How cool it must have been to gaze at the wuldlife, to sit in the unpolluted night skies with stars above. It seemed like a great safari and for that I am envious.

  4. Christina

    15 September

    Ziwani looks very inviting. I really enjoy the well manicured landscape around the facility. Very inviting and tranquil. I would be very interested to learn more about some of the stories you spoke on in his piece especially the war related ones and the lions with the Uganda Kenya railway.

  5. James Smith

    16 September

    When I finally visit Kenya the experience I want to have is everything at the Voyager Ziwani Camp. From the animal sightings to the food, shows, landscapes. This makes a perfect trip.

  6. Mango Lady Diaries

    17 September

    You have captured the nature at Ziwani camp so beautifully. It’s seriously giving us the next travel goal. Thanks for the post. Wonderful pictures!

  7. Sam Sparrow

    17 September

    I’m starting to think about planning a safari trip next year, and the Voyager’s Ziwani Camp looks like utter bliss. Total perfection! I hadn’t come across it so far, so this is so wonderful to read! Added to my favourites for when my planning picks up pace.

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