Mikoko Cove Ecolodge-The perfect Funzi Escape

Mikoko Cove Ecolodge-The perfect Funzi Escape

Masked in the mangrove forest of Funzi Island, lies Mikoko Cove Ecolodge, the ultimate hideaway for a once in a lifetime getaway. Mikoko Cove is a little holiday/vacation destination that appeals to an adventure-loving holiday maker.

I came across Mikoko Cove on Facebook and I did not need a second chance to make up my mind on whether I was going or not. Funzi island is in South Coast; Kwale County. There are two ways to get to south coast from Nairobi; one is to go to Mombasa Island the head via the ferry, the second one is to fly direct to Ukunda. As usual, my more-than-ready-to-travel sister and cousins were already on board!

I was not sure of what to expect at all. But if the photos they had posted on their website was anything to go by, then we were in for a real treat. The furthest I had been in south coast was Golini, so it was exciting to go and figure out what lied ahead.

I wish I remembered how long it took us to get to the end of the road, blame it all on Sophia; Our host. She was really pleasant and happy to host us for the weekend.

End of the road, preparing for the boat ride to Mikoko Cove Ecolodge.

We got right into a village road that led us to the Mangrove forest. From there, we took a boat ride to Mikoko.

No one thought there was a boat ride in the journey! The girls were so excited. I thought I even heard someone even say they can’t wait to experience sea sickness. lol. The boat ride was anything between 20-30 minutes. We requested our ‘captain’ to ride slowly. Nothing beat the views along the way. A photo at a time, and salty air after the other.

Selfies, then some more selfies.


On arrival, the staff from Mikoko were waiting for us. We loved their beaming smiles and their warm reception. We felt at home. We were then taken straight to the old fashioned Arabic/Swahili restaurant where we were served with freshly squeezed, chilled fruit juice.


Welcome juice…

Thereafter, we were taken to our rooms. The different accommodation units are spread across the area, as self-contained loft styled house characterized by a makuti roof, Lime/coral walls and large Arabian doors. The room we were shown to had five beds inside; just enough for each one of us. After freshening and getting some rest, we were notified that a quick snack had been prepared and we should also place our order for dinner.

The rooms.

Checking in to the room.

Masked in the mangrove forest of Funzi Island, lies Mikoko Cove Ecolodge, the ultimate hideaway for a once in a lifetime getaway. Mikoko Cove is a little holiday/vacation destination that appeals to an adventure-loving holiday maker.

One of the five beds.

Let me just make it clear from here hence forth that, the best food I have eaten away from home ,is at  Mikoko.I lack words to decorate the food experience, but all I remember, is that we kept asking for more unashamedly. The barbeque sauce, coconut rice, marinated red snapper, assorted sea food platter and the entire coastal delicacy was finger licking good!

Dinner…No one does it better than Mikoko.

It mostly felt like a culinary trip. After dinner, there wasn’t much to do and the almost cold weather did not make the situation better. It was drizzling on and off.

I had spotted a swimming pool on arrival, and hence did not worry much about what to do the next day. Lazing by the pool has never been a bad idea.

When you pay for accommodation at Mikoko, breakfast is complimentary but any other meal is charged separately. Eggs, toasted bread, sausages, tea or coffee and fruits.

Despite the sun playing hide and seek with us, that dip couldn’t wait any longer.

We have to swim/Lazy around.

Or buy houses…These girls love Monopoly.

Best feeling ever.

Moments later, Sophia told us they needed to show us some place. Mohammed was the one taking us.

Remember the previous day when we got to Mikoko and the tide was high; an interesting phenomena had taken place, the whole area was dry, no water at all, apparently the waters had taken a ‘walk’.

Heading to the surprise destination.

Even the water took a break and went for a walk.

The Mangrove roots exposed in low tide.


We curiously followed Mohammed, who was carrying a cool box as he made way into the mangrove forest. Following closely from behind was another lady, who we hadn’t met carrying a set of clean towels. It was hard to guess where we were headed but man, we were already excited.

Following the icebox man 🙂

We walked through the forest and got to another beach. Upon getting there, there was another boat waiting. The lady handed over the towels and in no time we were being whisked away to an undisclosed destination.

Approaching the next beach.

Hopping into the next destination.

I swear this is how surprises are meant to work. As I was busy snapping the forest away, I heard the ladies scream with excitement. When I turned around and couldn’t believe my eyes either. The coolest sandbank ever! Completely empty at the time. The temporary traditional shade was the icing on the cake.

See this! I mean…

I still don’t know what had excited me most. I cannot tell whether it was the photogenic nature of entire set up, the powder white sand, the contrasting pillow throws, cool box with soft drinks, or just the peace of mind. Generally, no one was able to kill the cool vibe that was in the air. This was the ultimate surprise.

Who wouldn’t get excited about this?

We jumped crawled, slept, swam, danced and everything in between at the sandbank.

Let the games begins…

I must confess that the photos we took there could make anyone who loves travel, beaches and exclusive locations green with envy. We could have stayed there forever had it not been for the high tide that was coming hard and fast hours later. Mohammed and the captain were watching from a distant the whole time; far enough to give us privacy yet close enough to attend to us of we needed help. Leaving the sandbank brought forth mixed feelings .One of thorough excitement and satisfaction, the other of separation anxiety.

Mohammed being attentive as usual.

The sandbank was the highlight of the trip.

The waters are back!

By the time we were heading back, the tide was high again and walking through the mangrove forest was not an option.

We were welcomed with hot Swahili snacks as we waited for our late lunch.


Chapati and beans have never tasted as heavenly as that one did.

Best chapos ever!

At the time of visit, it was me and my cousins birthday week. We went back to the rooms to rest after an eventful day.

Mikoko is generally quiet, but occasionally you will hear music from the bar on request. On this day, other islanders had come to chill and dine at Mikoko there was a bit of music, dance laughter and good company. When dinner was served, there was a beautiful banana cake that was baked to celebrate our birthdays. How thoughtful can a host be? Like I always say, the little things make a whole lot of difference. As usual, meals were out of this world!

Our stay unfortunately had to come to an end on the third day, because some of us needed to be in Nairobi same day. After breakfast and some few games, we headed out..

There is more than enough board games to keep you busy/entertained.

I will choose Mikoko again to fully explore the fun activities they offer. In the meanwhile, check out their Facebook page and website to book your next stay.

I promise you will thank me later.

NB: This post is not sponsored. Enjoy. Tupatane Mikoko.


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  1. Daniel gichuru

    9 October

    I Happened to visit this place following your recommendation and I fully agree this is heaven

  2. Sly achie

    9 October

    Wow!!..the place is nice..and the can visit the place all the time and every time,one goes there, s/he will feel like its the first time..??

  3. Victoria

    10 October

    I had never heard of this place, but I’m glad I found it. I’m always searching for islands to visit!

  4. Kathy Marris

    11 October

    Looks like a paradise. It’s so interesting to learn about these remote and unheard of places in the world. Thank you for bringing this to us.

  5. Eve Kay

    11 October

    I’ve never been to Africa even and have never heard of this place. It looks like a fun getaway and the perfect beach to relax in!

  6. Rosie Benton

    11 October

    You’re right – these photos are making me super envious! What a stunning place, especially those beaches. The food looks delicious too! I hope one day we can visit this paradise!

  7. Danielle

    11 October

    Wow, this definetly looks like paradise! Your so lucky to of got that island all to yourself!! So beautiful

  8. Sarah Lynn

    11 October

    This looks incredible! I tend to prefer remote places compared to crowded ones, and I love trying new food. I might have to add this to my list. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  9. Those chapos look yummy! I liked the photos of the dogs too since I am such a dog lover:-)

  10. This is awesome! It looks like you’ve had an absolute blast – especially on the sand bank!

  11. packyourbaguios

    11 October

    Wow we are so envious of your travel adventures. Thank you for posting and sharing a what was a hidden part of the world that is not often or rarely mentioned. The pictures and description paint an intriguing interlude of mystery and excitement especially the hide-away-beach after trekking the mangroves at low tide.

  12. Megan

    11 October

    What an interesting trip! The beaches were definitely beautiful, and I love the photos of the boats too. The enthusiasm of your family – even looking forward to sea sickness is wonderful!

  13. Kristin

    12 October

    I love all the photos and beach scenes. This area has never been in my radar but I believe I would love it

  14. Jasmine

    12 October

    Stunning photos! I had never heard of Funzi Island, so it’s always amazing seeing and learning more about less commonly visited areas.

  15. I have never head of Funzi Island. I love learning about hidden gems like this. This looks like the perfect island escape. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Bar

    12 October

    Wow looks like an amazing trip! Thanks for introducing me to somewhere new to add to my travel list!

  17. Gabby

    12 October

    wow that would definitely be my type of surprise! so amazing they arranged that for you!

  18. Allison

    12 October

    I’ve never heard of this place. It looks so private which is perfect for those who truly want to getaway. The beach looks unlike anything I’ve ever been to. I can tell you had an amazing time.

  19. Courtney

    12 October

    I would truly love to do something like this! Nothing wrong with a little adventure!

  20. Gillian Kent

    13 October

    What a marvelous adventure. The whole rip looked so nice. I always enjoy mangroves. So much wildlife.

  21. Daneisha

    13 October

    I had never heard of Mikokos before, but now I’m very intrigued! Your photos look amazing! The food, the hotel, the river, and everything else just looks so appeasing!

  22. stephanie Frias

    14 October

    Is it possible to have a travel crush?! I have never heard of these place and I’m wanting to go right now! We are planning to head to Africa next after we finish with South America.
    And I hope you don’t mind if I give you a tiny blog hint..not to be rude, but to help. It took me awhile to figure out that you were talking about Africa. You don’t actually say Africa anywhere in the post that I could find. I used to have this problem when talking about Ecuador. That most people had no idea Ecuador was in South America. I wrongly assumed that this was common knowlege. So, now I always try to say Ecuador, South America…as least one in my location posts. In addition…it has really helped my google ranking becuase now my blog is associated with South America.
    This is a delightful post with beautiful photos! I just love it!

    • Charles

      30 October

      You are absolutely right. Am sure Bonnita has noted your valuable input!

  23. Bruce Schinkel

    14 October

    Wow, i’ll definitely be adding Mikoko to my list of must-visits! This experience looked absolutely amazing, and I’mglad the food and scenery were as amazing as advertised 🙂

  24. Diana

    15 October

    Never heard of Funzi Island before, did not realise it is in Kenya! But those white sands and crystal blue waters are giving me major wanderlust. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  25. Kate

    15 October

    I’m in love with your pictures. I would totally try this adventure! “I cant wait to be sea sick” that however doesn’t sound like fun 🙂 Although I’m sure I’d be fine. Mangrove trees have always been fascinating to me – I hope to see them in person!

  26. Krupa

    16 October

    Looks great place to visit and passing through us so fascinating.. lovely pics too

  27. juma baitairi

    17 October


  28. Charles

    30 October

    Amazing! I live in Kenya yet I’ve never heard of Funzi Island. I love the stunning pictures posted. It is a must-go. Again thanks for sharing your adventure.

    • Bonita

      2 November

      You are more than welcome. Will try highlight other undermentioned places as well for your consideration.

  29. Anonymous

    10 January


  30. Jimmy Gitau

    18 January

    lovely. KTB should know how much you’re marketing our beautiful country

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