Namibia is a country filled with epic beauty. Within its 824,116 square Kilometers of land and about 526,000 square meters of the sea, lies dunes, canyons, sand-swept beaches, mountains, and unexplored wild. Bragging the expanse of the great Namib and Kalahari deserts, Namibia is a land with a lot of room for adventure. A thousand kilometers of shorelines is just one of the beautiful contrasts of this country.

The desert which traverses about 16% of its land surface is by vast savannah land and the highlands on which the metropolitan city of Windhoek sits. With a population of about 2.503 million, it is as much a boiling pot of culture and business as it is a pleasure for the wandering soul.

There are 13 major tribes in Namibia, mostly clustered in its 13 states with distinct cultural practices. The greater population of the Namibian natives are Christians. Its official language is English. Other prominent languages spoken are German and Afrikaans. The national currency is the Namibian Dollar (NAD) and the South African Rand (SAR).

How to Get There

Namibia is about 7 hours from Nairobi by flight. Connect through its Windhoek Airport, 44 minutes away from its city center. If you are up for an adventure, you can travel by bus for approximately 4 days. Namibia borders South Africa to the South, Angola, and Zambia to the North and Botswana to the East. Its western border is lapped by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, contrasting its major desert mainland.

When to Visit.

Namibia is a year-round destination. With a fairly variant climate, there is something to see at whatever time of the year. Game enthusiasts are welcome to visit from May to October, although it is considerably hot then. Desert cruising is encouraged during the cooler months. Bird watching is best suited for the months of November to March.

Quad biking in the dunes.
Image: Pinterest

Places of Interest and What to Do.

Famous for its unmatched desert-scape, Namibia is a captivating attraction. If you are looking to escape in the rugged vastness, you’d better plan your trip. This southern gem offers wildlife safaris, unique cultural encounters, striking desert safaris, and beach stays among others.

Here are some top places to visit in Namibia:

Namib and Kalahari Desert.

Dust your lenses and discover the allure of Namibia. Starting from the startling ochre red dunes of the endless desert landscapes, let your eyes wander to the horizon. Arise to the vivid display of the sun, the orange-red dunes dramatically dotting your vision. Watch the nomads or catch a drive on the humpback, your shadows gracefully falling around you.

A massive dune at Sossusvlei.
Image: Art of SAfari

As the night closes in, take in the evening breeze and stay up in the Sossusvlei Lodge or a campsite taking the picturesque starry nights. Get amazed by the massive dunes; their fiery orange beautifully contrasting the blue endless sky. Chase the seemingly shifting silhouettes or bike across the desert in a show you can never forget.


This coastal city is a top attraction for tourists looking to discover the contrast of the country. Standing out in its own beauty, Swakopmund draws from the perfect balance of sun and water. Its sand-swept beaches shaded by palm fringes are a delight for a getaway.

A jetty at the beach in Swakopmund

Indulge in the thriving hospitality industry, sampling the array of beach hotels, restaurants, and local shops. Put up a sport sky-diving, para-gliding, or deep-sea diving. Discover you’re an inner adrenaline junkie dolphin cruising or sandboarding. There is a lot on offer here you will not have a moment to spare.

Etosha National Park.

Etosha national park is a top attraction in Namibia. A favorite for game viewing and wildlife safaris. Here you get the best of both worlds. Discover the bountiful wildlife of Namibia including elephants, giraffes, zebras, black rhinos, impalas, lions, white rhinos among others. Stay long enough to watch the wild roam in their natural element.

Cubs at Etosha National Park.

Here you will probably see the largest share of cheetahs; the largest in the world. Book a stay at the Ongava camps and take in the complete experience combining luxury with adventure.

A cozy night in accommodation at Etosha

Fish River Canyon.

The deep chasm of the Fish River Canyon is a natural wonder. The second deepest canyon in the world is accessible only by a gravel road. The scene is so surreal it will steal your breath making you understand why it is a top attraction. Challenge yourself to 85 kilometers, hike for up to 5 days, and reward yourself to the view.

Landscape view of the grand Fish River Canyon

Up for a spook, travel to the Skeleton Coast littered with shipwrecks and fables of the wrath of the Atlantic Ocean.  The town of Kolmanskop once the scene of a diamond rush is now a top attraction as a ghost town reclaimed by the desert.

Find Your Way up Namib–Naukluft Mountains

Had enough of the heat? Set an adventure to the Naukluft Mountains. Follow the free-flowing rivers slice through the lush green valleys. Spot an abundance of springbok, ostriches, and grazing zebras. The coolness of the mountains will make you forget the largely dry mainland. When they call it the land of beautiful contrasts, that is that they must mean.

Meet the Locals.

Travel to the North and met the Nomadic Himba, enjoy the full display of their culture. Their iconic hairstyles, ochre skin painting, and distinct costumes.

The Himba Women. Image:OnlyTribal

Craving the breath of fresh air. Namibia is promising more than a getaway. Start planning your adventure and experience for yourself the beautiful contrasts.


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