Zanzibar is one of the islands in the Indian Ocean. It is a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania made up of several smaller islands. The major Islands are Pemba and Unguja. The coastal town is 23 miles from Tanzania, as a matter of fact, it easily accessible via the Tanzania border. You can get to the island by plane or boat from Dar Es Salaam.

Why visit Zanzibar you ask? Let’s discover the charm of the land of sand, sea, and spice.


About Zanzibar…

The residents are mainly Swahili speakers, although English is also commonly used. The island sits on 2,416km2. It has a population of about 1.304 million people. Most of the population is Muslim. Zanzibar had a longstanding merchant business in ancient days. Archaeological findings trace Islam to the 10th century, therefore attributing the sizeable population of Muslims in the country.

History of Zanzibar

Zanzibar thrived as the region’s spice and slave trade hub for pre-independence. It is therefore a melting point of cultures with a deep-seated history. Most locals rely on agriculture and fishing as their main economic activity, additionally boosting the food industry on the island.
It is believed to have been joined to the Tanzania mainland. The mainland has a variety of soils, clays, and sands because of extensive weathering, erosion, and earth movements.

How to get there

One of the high-speed boats.
Image courtesy Monda Africa tours

Most people who visit Zanzibar prefer taking the boat from Tanzania using the modern, comfortable high-speed boats. Furthermore, the boats take two hours at half the price of a flight to add to the adventure. Sit back and discover the coastal beats that are the life of Zanzibar. You can also fly from any major destination into Zanzibar.

You can fly direct to Zanzibar from Nairobi.
Image:Bonita on Safari

Discover why this Island is not only a top destination but also why visit Zanzibar soon.

The Infinity pool at Nungwi Dreams by Mantis

Meet the Locals

The Zanzibari are deep in their culture. This explains their warm, welcoming nature. One mark that you are in Zanzibar is the enthusiastic greeting going around. Once you get on the mainland of the island you are overwhelmed by the kind gestures. Always say Jambo or Shikamoo and embrace the kindness of strangers.

The natives are also very particular with their moral code. Avoid skimpy dressing or drunken shows in most public spaces. You might even like to try their dress code. Loose-fitting deras, Kangas, and Kanzus are just as comfortable. The tropical humid climate consequently makes it a year-round destination.

Where to Visit and What To Do in Zanzibar

Beautiful Beaches.

A beach holiday. What could be better? Zanzibar archipelago has several small islands and thus several beaches. The undulating topography of the island provides a relaxed vacation feel. The coastline is punctuated with reefs, sandbars. Pools left by receding tides are perfect for fish viewing. Not to mention the white sand add to the scenery of the beaches lined with palm trees and traces of evergreen forests. In the same fashion, take a nap or read a book under the lazily swaying palm trees.

inviting beaches of Zanzibar


When you visit Zanzibar, Nungwi is a must-see. About a 3-hour drive from stone town you get to Nungwi, a top attraction in Zanzibar. It is a beautifully landscaped village in the north of Zanzibar. It is surrounded by the ocean’s blue waters. It is in Nungwi that one can swim with Turtles at the Baraka Natural Aquarium. I recommend staying at Nungwi Dreams by Mantis while visiting Zanzibar.

Baraka Aquarium in Nungwi.
Image: Bonita on Safari
Nungwi Dreams by Mantis should be your top pick to stay in Nungwi.
View from the balcony.

In addition to that, the Island has a collection of 100 elegant suites and villas offering views of the gardens and the ocean. It is a popular choice for tourists because the village has a lot of activities on offer including diving and fishing. The beaches are a popular attraction, perfect for baecations, honeymoons, or even family getaways.

The infinity pool at Nungwi Dreams.
A View of the Nungwi Resort . Image Agoda
A view of the Nungwi Resort.Image courtesy

Stone Town-The architectural maze.

The most popular destination in Zanzibar is the ancient Stone Town. It is a UNESCO cultural heritage site since 2000 is an old metropolis. Stone Town is beaming with ancient architectural designs synonymous with the Swahili people. The intricate designs that line the streets and winding alleys are masterfully created. As a result, they are perfect backdrops for the photogenic.

The exotic Stone Town.
Image courtesy: Getaway Magazine
Stone Town
Image: Big World Small Pockets

Zanzibar also offers exceptional accommodation choices with resorts and luxury lodges setting up in the town and along beaches.

Spice Hub

Zanzibar is popular for its array of delicacies.
It is for perfect culinary tourism. Thanks to the ancient spice trade coupled with the generational recipes of the Swahili. Regardless of whether you want to try the street food or dine in the mushrooming restaurants and luxury resorts, whatever you order will be finger-licking good. Try staying away from the inviting aromas rising on every turn. Likewise, the mix of Indian, Arab, Chinese, and Portuguese and African dishes will leave you spoilt for choice.

A section of the spice market in Zanzibar.

The lodges are notably close to the ocean. For this reason, rest assured of the freshest seafood. Try the most of their signature curries and potato dishes. Similarly, crops such as cassava, yams, rice, and tropical fruits are grown locally. You will not go hungry for a day in Zanzibar. Indulge in the taste of Africa.

Thriving Underwater Wildlife.

Zanzibar doesn’t have a lot of wildlife. It’s water, however, is booming with life. Take the challenge and discover the unique fishes and water animals at Chumbe Marine Park. By all means, don’t leave without trying snorkeling and scuba diving.

A part of Chumbe Marine park.
Activities at the Marine Park.

In the event that you are not up to the adventure, relax aboard the boat decks. Go sightseeing on the corals and reefs as you take a sip. In addition, Zanzibar is home to the endangered Colobus Monkey. You can also spot the bush-tailed mongoose and dwarf antelope. Besides mainland wildlife, the thriving marine life; a testament to the rich diversity of the Island.

There you have it, add to your bucket list, and experience it for yourself.

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