Maya Spa;Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa

Maya Spa;Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa

They say there is nothing a massage can’t fix.

Wellness tourism; a multi-billion dollar global market, is on the rise in the tourism industry. Wellness tourists, who are big spenders, are now traveling in search of spas and fitness destinations.

The facilities they are in search of are; jet lag recovery, express grooming, in-room technology (where you get 6 hours sleep in 2 hours).

The growth of wellness tourism is set to rise and outstrip growth in global tourism eventually as the world’s population ages and the obsession with eternal youth, health, and beauty keeps growing.

With this development in mind, Diani Reef Beach Resort and Spa has largely invested in a serene, invigorating  spa that is so exquisite and will appeal to those who demand excellence.

Maya Spa is a self-contained wellness center that has a sauna, Jacuzzi, spa bath, and a flotation pool. It also offers hydrotherapy and rhassoul mud treatment. The essential oils and skin care products used by the aethesticians and massage therapists are specially formulated to bring out the youth in you.

They offer different types of massages based on the client’s needs. Some of them include traditional Swedish massage, Maya aromatherapy massage and reflexology. They also offer skin therapies, beauty treatment including hand and foot treatment. The services at the hair spa are also splendid.

The hot stone massage experience; my best pick

My appointment started at around 11.00pm. Booking is done in advance because the spa gets fully booked.The moment I opened the door, I had no doubt that the spa is where I wanted to spend the better part of my morning.

We were cordially welcomed by the receptionist who briefed us of their services. I was spoilt for choice, I wanted to try everything…the Jacuzzi spa bath, the floatation pool their Maya aromatherapy massage and the traditional Swedish massage!(I know haha)

After a careful consideration, I settled for a hot stone massage, only because I had a busy afternoon, otherwise I would have devoted my entire day at the spa…

We were then shown to the spotless changing rooms. Soothing Chinese melodies played along the corridors.It felt so right. I can swear I was taken to Asia for a moment.

The Sauna and the bath spa located three doors away was our little haven for the next thirty minutes, as they set up the  different massage rooms.

After the dry heat session and quick shower, it was showtime!

Sophia, my masseuse, was a crackerjack. You’d be forgiven to think she had magic in her hands. The massage oil was all sorts of calming. The gentle caresses of the heated stones all over my body was heavenly. It was almost difficult to tell what time Sophia swapped from the massage to the hot stones it was seamless. She was keen and tactful. Feeling the tensed muscles relaxed was the best feeling was otherworldly.

Faint whispers of my name woke me up an slightly over an hour later. I was in deep sleep, I think I even snored…

Looking outside the window the Spa feels as though it is floating on an artificial lake in the resort.

In a scale of 1-10, I would definitely rate my experience at 11.

The next time I visit, I will have to try the floatation pool and the detoxifying seaweed wrap.

If you are looking to pamper yourself and just feel good about yourself, wait no more… call them on   +254 070948100, or drop them an email;

I promise you will thank me later!








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  1. Maxine Hamilton

    28 September

    This sounds absolutely perfect, the ultimate rest and relaxation. And the view looks lovely and relaxing too, no wonder you fell asleep! lol

  2. Isabel

    28 September

    How do you make it sound so perfect?? Hehe I got to pull someone to try this out with me :p

  3. Anuradha Goyal

    28 September

    Ah, am reading this when my body needs a lot of rest and do with some pampering. I have had all kinds of massages but never the stone one – next time will try this.

  4. Maria Angelova

    28 September

    A bath with a view sounds like a very good idea! Plus the magic hands…mmm!

  5. Justyn Gourdin

    28 September

    I could totally use a hot stone massage!! That sounds amazing. I could 100% spend the entire day here!!!

  6. Shristi Jain

    28 September

    In-room technology? Why haven’t I heard of this? This is great! Hahahah! Oh and the spa looks like a place I want to be in right now!

  7. Carolina

    28 September

    In-room technology sounds cool. Never heard of it. In Sweden we have white rooms. For light therapy during the winter when the sun is almost non existing, so we dont get depressed.

  8. Junglexploring

    28 September

    I sounds amazing! Just a mini tip: the location of the resort is not specified (I googled it to discover that it is in Kenya) and there’s no link to the official website.. I think that adding more detail can really make this post more useful for casual readers and more friendly to google crawlers 😉

  9. Liya Panaiotova

    28 September

    Thanks for sharing about the hot stone massage – I’ve never had one and this got me excited about it 🙂

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