Winnie Rioba-Catch her if you can!

You probably know her as Just Rioba on social media or the girl with some of the most enviable travel photos in the Kenyan travel space. She travels, takes videos of her travels,blogs then leaves you with the burden of FOMO as if nothing happened. We caught up on one easy Sunday for brunch at the K1 flea market, and I was beyond convinced that y’all need to know her and keep up with her travels.

Here is part of our convo…

1.Describe your self in three words.


2.But why do you travel?

I have no solid reason honestly.
I can’t explain why I love traveling, I just do. Growing up we used to play a fantasy game, where we name countries we wish to visit. Most of the times, I imagined traveling to those countries. Surprisingly it all came to pass especially now that I’m all grown up and actually going to those places,I meet people of various nationalities, party with them in their home towns, eat their food and learn a little about their culture and language. These experiences are probably the reasons why I travel.

3.How many countries so far?

Sixteen,with 95% of them being African countries.

4.Solo or group travel?

I honestly don’t mind either. My main principle of travel is if the people I’m meant to travel with don’t make it, I will still travel. That’s why last year I travelled solo through Southern African countries.

5.Go Pro or DSLR?

DSLR. I just started making travel videos recently and I find a dslr easier to use although it’s heavy. Eish.

6. Most scary travel experience?

I was in Zimbabwe when the coup happened last year. I had never questioned my decision to solo travel until that day. It was scary but as it turned out it ended up being a peaceful takeover.

7. Best travel destination at present?

I want to say Malawi,I may be biased, but it is my current fave.


Most travelers overlook Malawi.Despite being one of the poorest country in the world, I’d still recommend Malawi any day. Have you seen the beaches in Malawi? And the islands? And the Lake itself?
Malawi is unbelievably affordable with hostels left and right,the people are hospitable and that’s why it is referred to as the warm heart of Africa.

8.  Best hostel you’ve stayed in?

Jolly Backpackers, Livingstone, Zambia.

9. One thing you’d improve about tourism in Kenya…

Improve other forms of tourism. It is awesome that Kenya is known in the region for offering the best safaris in the world but we can do more by improving other forms of tourism like Eco-tourism, fishing, sports and so on.

10. Who is your favorite male solo traveler in Kenya?

There are male solo travelers in Kenya? ??WHERE?

12. How do you fund your travels?

I work and try to save every month. I also forego somethings in order to save that money for travel. No going out on weekends,no concerts and events, no fancy food. I must say it is a big sacrifice but worth every bit.

13.Your dream destination?

Jeez! So hard. Can it be a continent? Because I’d like to backpack through South America!

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