The Grind by Skyward Express-Wilson Airport

The Grind by Skyward Express-Wilson Airport

I love flying to and fro Wilson Airport on Langata Road,Nairobi when traveling locally. The reasons are quite simple, it is convenient for me, easily accessible, doesn’t come with lots of travel pressure because of how it is set up;almost informal… and check in is fast.

Recently during one of my travels, I realized that Skyward Express; one of my favourite airlines that operate from Wilson Airport opened this cute,chic cafe for its clients and passengers.

Inside the Grind

The most intriguing thing about The Grind is the nerdy,rustic feel it imbues, the fast Wi-Fi, and the earthy/winey coffee aroma that lingers in the air.

The interior decor is simple.From polished wooden pallet seats with maroon cushions in one of the corners,to a dark brown floor to roof pallet shelf that houses a collection of succulents, followed by inbuilt sunken wall cabinets that were decorated with Swahili and traditional Kenyan kitchen antiques.

An artsy wall with a painting of the old navy blue Kenyan passport,a plane, a coffee mug and other drawings is hard to miss in one of the walls. It was easy to tell the artist knew what travelers love to see.

A yellow floating bookshelf that boldly stood between the sitting area and the main counter had a nice collection of literature.Maybe a suggestion that passengers should have early check-in so to treat themselves to nice stories before flying out.

For someone who loves books but has a problem keeping time I guess this was a nice incentive to help me adjust accordingly.

This borders perfection.
A fresh cup of coffee, a good read=A happy client.

Opening Hours

The Grind opens at 6:00am to 6:00pm Monday to Friday and Sunday then 6:00am to 4:00pm on Saturday.

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