One of the coolest things about having a Schengen visa for non-citizens, (especially  travelers) is the fact that you can visit all the twenty six countries that have agreed to allow free movement of its citizens and valid visa holders within that area as a single country.

Weeks ago,I traveled to Denmark and only had a few days to sight see.That meant I had to explore as much as I could in the shortest time possible.

Unusually longer days

I am so used to the sun going down at around 6:30 in the evening in Kenya. In Denmark during summer, the days were so long and it only got dark after 11pm! I wasn’t complaining though… the longer days gave me more time to see and tour some more.

Sun setting at around 11:00 pm.

I had read a lot about things to do in Denmark.They all sounded good but what tickled my curiosity most was a blog post on how you can leave Denmark(Copenhagen) to Malmo(Sweden) in approximately forty five minutes!

The way I am wired,I was more inclined to check out Sweden first then explore the nearer places in Denmark much later.

The Plan

My plan was to get to Copenhagen Central Station from Ringsted, then catch a train to Malmo, explore that side of Sweden for a few hours,then head back to Denmark.

Copenhagen Central Station

Is the largest railway station in Denmark. There are many buses, taxis,bikes, local trains, and regional trains like the one I took to Sweden.

Suitcases,coffee,long kisses,sincere hugs,lost travelers, missed trains, forex bureaus and rushing passengers was yet another day at Central Station. It felt like a shopping mall.


Øresund Bridge

The train trip from CPH to Malmo roughly took 45 minutes via the Øresund bridge.

A train to Malmo leaves every 20 minutes from the Central Station which is also known as Kobenhavn H.

Denmark is connected to Sweden via the 16 km Øresund bridge.

The entire link from Denmark to Sweden has three sections; a bridge,an artificial island and a tunnel. The bridge is half the length of the link. On the bridge,the motorways and railways run on separate levels; the railway on the lower deck while the motorways run on the upper deck.

Linking the bridge and the tunnel is a man made island called Peberholm,where the motorway and the railway run parallel to each other.

Aerial view of Oresund Bridge. Images:Charismatic Planet

The bridge was commissioned in July 2000.

Getting to Malmo (Malmo Central Station)

Malmö Central Station in Sweden was built in 1856. Since then, it has undergone many transformations and remodelling. The addition of the City Tunnel was its last major reconstruction.It was during this last upgrade that Glass Hall was built. It connects the exits of the City Tunnel and the original brick built station. The previous waiting area known as the Central Hall, was turned into a culinary center.

Malmo Central Station.

Getting around Malmo

Malmo is a nice touristy town for sightseeing. It has many bikes, pedestrians and tourists in city tour buses.

Food trucks, coffee shops, open cafes, parks, shops, and hotels in their numbers make up this attractive city.

Each street had a special unique appeal and felt so different from the other.

The Stortorget

The Stortorget is the largest square in the town. It is surrounded by New-Renaissance buildings like the Kramer Hotel and the Kockska Huset just to mention a few. Right in the middle of the square, is the legendary statue of King Karl Gustav X. As you enjoy the scenic beauty and the rich historic architecture, you can stop by some of the many cafes spilling onto the cafes to enjoy a meal.

Streets,statues,canals,cafes,shops and parks


After a few hours of a self tour, I headed back to Malmo Central Station to head back to Denmark.

If you happen to visit either Sweden or Denmark, don’t miss a fun chance to check one country off your bucketlist!

NB:Always carry your passport for the random border checks.

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