Lerato Lefafa- on South Africa,travel and content ...

Lerato Lefafa- on South Africa,travel and content creation

We can not be in all places at all times, but we can always enjoy travel experiences documented by the other people through their photos, blogs and vlogs.

I have been an ardent follower of a number of African travel content creators and I am proud of the excellent work done by this bunch of young Africans as they try to rewrite black travel for Africans in Africa and beyond.

One such person is the amazing Lerato Lefafa from South Africa… caught up with her after being an online fan and she gave an amazing interview covering her passion for travel and content creation.

Who is Lerato, and why are you passionate about travel?

I am an amper 30  South African, who is a local music and street culture Specialist by profession, my work involves local marketing efforts to accelerate the growth of hip hop, house, fashion, art and dance. Investing in new travel experiences, is both therapeutic and eye-opening, just love learning new ways of life.

Lerato Lefafa
Luxury or budget travel? 

A bit of both: economy flights, luxury accommodation, every activity available, spa treatments, butler service and street food lol

Spa Treatment
What do you consider as the unique thing(s) about South Africa that no other place can compare?

The language, one can use a word to describe many things and other South Africans will get it “Lekker” being at the top of the list. The food, there’s everything for everybody in every setting e.g. western food and braai vleis are available from the Kasi to the burbs. We have 9 provinces and each of them has their own unique vibe like Johannesburg is hella vibey and Durban is chilled.

Western Food Johannesburg
Lerato Lefafa
Braai Vleis
How many countries have you travelled to for wanderlust?

25 and counting. Haha can somebody sponsor me already?!


Your favourite holiday destination in Africa (Excluding SA)?

Kenya,I love that it offers City Life in Nairobi, Island Life in Lamu and Chilled beach vibes in Mombasa.

Do your prefer group or solo travel?

I am a Solo traveler at heart, for the most part enjoy my own space and the fact that I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. However opening myself to group trips and have a 2020 calendar planned with my travel partner @Refiloe_Thee_Tourist, so that others can join in and share in the fun with us.

Refiloe and Lerato
What never misses in your travel bag?

Red lippie,  powerbank, Smart phone which doubles as a camera, sunscreen and swimwear.

Which is your dream travel destination and why?

Greece, super mega godly beach vibes. Hehe nothing is more exciting than prospects of living in  bikinis 24/7

Style or fashion?

Style is forever, I never purchase goods according to trends. Just gotta have what I like, that way I’ll wear it more than once.

Who takes your photos? Any tips for taking nice photos for the gram?

Never compromise on the quality of your pics and be consistent with filter options. I generally work with awesome professional photographers and the most consistent one is Thembani Manganyi AKA @UrbankreativeSA. Also, @Refiloe_Thee_Tourist  takes dope pics.

Do you prefer to explore one destination exhaustively over time or have a taste of many destinations at once?

Prefer exploring one destination exhaustively over time, so that I get a true feel for it by exploring its many parts vs rushing through it and missing opportunities for a holistic viewpoint.

What do you think is the state of travel in Africa for Africans?

The uptake on travel is slow, but the interest is growing and that’s a good sign for an inclusive industry.

If you were to change anything about travel in Africa, what would it be?

Make the creative side more collaborative, people are doing great work in silos which isn’t that progressive.

Is travel expensive? How do you fund your travels?

Ridiculously expensive but not impossible. I use my savings and do collaborative work with brands to supplement income.

What are some of the challenges you’ve had as a black traveler?

Often struggle to get special accommodation or tour bookings until I switch up my accent or find other ways to trick the system.

How do you keep your creative juices going? And in the event of writer’s block, how do you overcome?

Good music keeps the juices flowing and immersing myself in unknown territory gets me wanting to write and share it with everyone, so that I can inspire them to try something new.

Worst travel experience?

Honestly cannot think of one, I let things flow when travelling, nothing has been able to completely mess with my energy.

Three things one must do when they visit SA?

Visit Soweto and do everything from Museum visits, traditional food tastings and bungee jumping. Drive through the Garden Route and make stops along the way from PE to Cape Town, it’s my favourite scenery. Lastly gotta chase waterfalls, schedule  safari drives and check out heritage sites in Mpumalanga i.e. God’s Window, Three Rondavels and Blyde River Canyon…

Soweto SA. Image: Courtesy…
Safari Drive
What is your next travel destination?

Kenya, I do an annual trip to Nairobi, Lamu and Mombasa. Just cannot get enough, it is my second home.


Finally,one thing you always do when you visit a new country?

Sign up for at least one cooking class, food is the quickest way to learn a new culture. Literally a window to the soul lol !

Cooking class Nairobi

To follow Lerato and learn more about her, check out her blog here, and Instagram here!


I travel, I write about travel. I take travel photos. Talk to me about destination reviews,cultural trips, and responsible tourism.


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