Stanley’s Haven, Murang’a

Lots of inquiries about Stanley’s Haven

I don’t remember ever going to Stanley’s Haven, Murang’a,Kenya and not getting questions such as; “what part of Murang’a is that?, are you sure it is located a few meters from Mukuyu the shopping center?, accommodation must be quite steep, yeah?, how far is it off the highway? How many kilometers is it from Nairobi town and is it accessible via public means? e.t.c.

Well, I tried to answer all the questions from my Instagram stories, but I figured it will make more sense posting the answers here for easy, long term reference.


Stanley’s Haven is located in Murang‘a County, which is approximately one and a half hours or two from Nairobi CBD using public means (matatus).

Transport Cost

A matatu (normally 14 seater) boarded from downtown Nairobi in Nyamakima will cost Kshs 200.00 to Murang’a town. It is pointless to head straight to Murang’a because the hotel is actually some short seconds away from Mukuyu;the last shopping center right before entering Murang’a town. Mukuyu should not be confused with the already widely know Makuyu which about 25km away. A Boda Boda ride would cost Ksh.50.00 right into hotel. Always refer to the conspicuous Stanley’s Haven sign post.

New Development

I visited Stanley’s Haven recently and was quite impressed by the new developments I saw since the last time.


In a nutshell, the place has cottages and hotel rooms, which are tastefully furnished. The cost per night is charged per room/cottage and not per person with a maximum occupancy of two people per room/cottage. Rooms go for Kshs 4000.00 per night while cottages go for Ksh.5000 per night. In addition to the rooms and cottages there is a family house that can accommodate a larger group of guests.

The new tents

I was quite impressed to learn that they had added tents in their list of accommodation options due to a growing demand. There are currently ten tents, decently spaced at one end of the hotel away from distractions, with a fire pit, barbeque corner, and bathrooms. The tents are Ksh 3500 a night and it comes with complimentary breakfast.

Next to the campsite are additional rooms that have a capacity of three, and as usual, tastefully furnish and spotless. The rooms have a lovely garden and campsite view from a distance.

Unwind Bar.

While still in the spirit of expansion and service improvement, Stanley’s Haven has opened a brand new bar a few meters to the left of the entrance. If relaxation and ambiance is anything to go by, the name unwind is quite befitting for the new establishment.

The bar is fully stocked with a wide range of alcoholic drinks ranging from whiskeys, beers, vodkas, wine and spirits, etc. Coincidentally, it was being officially launched the day I decided to visit the place for my weekend getaway.

It is usually a pleasure to go back to a place you like and find it thriving after years. I highly recommend Stanley’s Haven for a quick weekend getaway, because it is quite affordable, not so far from Nairobi, has fresh unadulterated farm produce, and is also child friendly.

You can also plan for a day’s trip grab a drink or two, swim, an just enjoy the countryside vibes away from the city’s never ending rat race.

Let me know of your experience at Stanley’s Haven if you get to visit.


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  1. Karen Kinoti

    30 July

    Must try before end of the year. I live for affordable adventure. Thanks for this piece.

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