Stanley’s Haven;two years later…

It is more that two years since my last trip with friends to Stanleys Haven in Murang’a!

So much has changed. I popped in last weekend for a short trip and truth be told, there were lots of the beautiful changes that one would want to see at a place they hold beautiful memories of.

Stanleys Haven needs no introduction in Murang’a area. The resort has found its name amongst hospitality giants in the region within a short time, and that doesn’t come in as a surprise. They seem to be doing most things right.

Stanley’s Haven is a nice intimate resort with beautiful private cottages, hotel rooms,a main house, an open restaurant overlooking the swimming pool,a kids playing area and an events ground. It has impeccable customer service,properly maintained lawns and bushes, and is always spotless. Everyone at the hotel is welcoming,which makes each stay so special.

The menu is traditionally Kenyan and I must say they cook the best ‘kuku kienyeji’ in Murang’a. The tasty ‘ndumas’, sweet potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables is all you need to detox from some of Nairobi’s unhealthy choices.

What’s new?

The trees and bushes are all grown…

The trees and bushes are all grown. I think they are at the prime of their youth?. I almost missed the route to my cottage because all the tiny plants then, have now formed a small canopy on the pathway leading to the cottages. The hedges were nicely trimmed, the pavements were cleaned and just like that birds found a paradise in this bushy haven.

Now there is a VIP reception area.

It is no secret that high profile guests visit Stanley’s Haven. This is because of the many charity events and community development projects that the hotel holds and participates in for CSR. The VIP area gives guests the much needed privacy without interfering with the hotel operations and other guests during such events. The special guest reception area is strategically located at the main entrance.

It has a kitchenette, a bathroom and an interconnected board room,which I thought that was really cool.


Some of the top guests to have visited Stanley’s Haven on numerous occasions,in support of charity and philanthropy includes the First Lady of Kenya.(hence the seat with the flag of Kenya.)


If ever you visit Murang’a and in need to donate to charity,the hotel has identified a number orphanages and institutions to contribute to. During your stay, you can choose a day to go to these places or just send your contributions through the hotel.

The lush events grounds

There is one thing about getting space to hold an event and a completely different thing to secure a beautifully manicured garden with vibrant flowers, bright green succulents, thorny roses and healthy carpet grass to have your event.

On the weekend of my visit there was a wedding photo shoot, a team building exercise and a Board of Directors meeting on the said grounds! I guess we all like beautiful spaces and places.

Upcoming Projects

There is a museum hall that will be opened next year to showcase the charity work  of the proprietor of the hotel…

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Here is a video I did from a previous visit of the place.

Let me know about your experience when you visit.


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