Remember the Turkana Odyssey by Xtrym Adventures last year,December? The one that got all of us  super excited and constantly looking for every reason/excuse to go to Turkana and generally explore Northern Kenya?

Well,then. If you are still keen on that adventure then this is just the perfect opportunity to grab. We are at it again with Xtrym Adventures, only that this time it’s going to be bigger and better. There will be a colorful display of art and culture in the biggest conglomerate of the 14 tribes of Northern Kenya as we celebrate the annual Marsabit-Lake Turkana Festival from the 28th-30th of June 2018.

The event will be hosted by the Marsabit County Government at a small town called Loyiangalani located on the South Eastern coast of Lake Turkana.

The three day festival is a celebration of the rich cultures of the ethnic tribes of the people of Northern Kenya i.e. the El Molo,Samburu,Gabbra,Rendille,Watta,Dasanach,Somali,Turkana,Pokot,Burji,Garee,Sakuye,Kondo, and the Borana.

Come learn,experience and appreciate Kenya and her people.

Kindly contact Xtrym Adventures on +254717261033 for further details.

See the flyer below for more details.




*Images courtesy of MLTCF,capitalfm and Magical Kenya.