As you can tell from the blog’s name,I love to be on safari. Over the years, I have spent most of my time exploring the wild outdoors, surrounding myself with nature, and checking out what some of the greatest lodges and safari routes have to offer. Because a safari is completely different from any other holiday, it’s often difficult to decide what you need to pack. How on earth do you decide? Well, here’s my ultimate guide of what to pack for a safari getaway:

Neutral clothing

When you see pictures and videos of safaris on television and in films, you often see people driving around the Savannah with camouflage clothing on. While the colours of camouflage are perfect for the bush, camouflage clothing is actually illegal in some countries around the world. Because of this, it’s better to avoid this style of clothing and opt for neutral colours that will allow you to blend in with your surroundings… but not too much!


One of the main reasons I spend most of my time on safari is because I love to surround myself with nature. Sure, I love to spend my evenings living the life of luxury and getting pampered in exotic resorts (who doesn’t?!), but during the day I like to take myself into the wild and explore everything it has to offer. To get the most out of your safari getaway, I would recommend taking a pair of binoculars. This way, you’ll get to see lions, elephants, giraffes and more – even if they’re far away.

A source of light

It doesn’t matter if you choose to DIY your own safari getaway or go on a tailor-made safari holiday, there will always be a lack of electricity where you’re going! Most of the time, safari lodges are located in the middle of the bush as this gives you an up close and personal view of the wild. Although listening to the crickets by candlelight is an unforgettable experience, you will still need a source of light to ensure that you can both see in the dark, and remain safe at night. You can pick up head torches online, or even in your local department store.

Wet Wipes

Safari is a messy business. As soon as you jump into that 4×4, you’ll find yourself completely covered in dust. It will get in your hair, it will go on your face, and it will even go up your nose! Although that is the safari experience, you might want to pack some wet wipes so that you can clean yourself up through the day. If you’re super into your cleanliness, it might even be an idea to take some hand sanitizer with you.

Packing for a safari doesn’t need to be difficult, you just need to know how to do it right. Have you been on safari? Let me know what you’ve packed in the comments!