Paradise Resort Apartments: Nyali,Kenya.

Paradise Resort Apartments: Nyali,Kenya.

The other week I was at the Kenyan coast. I was looking for every reason to hibernate. Animals hibernate, yes? See, the weather in Nairobi hadn’t been so welcoming especially with the heavy down pour followed by a stubborn cold bug that had been doing rounds,traffic madness and a general grey and gloom.

I needed a break. However, I was not willing to break a bank to make my short holiday happen.

I  wanted something different. I was not keen on staying at a hotel, I wanted to feel at home but away home. So that meant booking myself into a fully furnished, self catering apartment that is closer to the beach and also a stone throw away from a shopping center. (I once checked into a self catering villa and forgot to shop for groceries… the nearest shopping mall was 25km away! Let us just say I slept hungry that night after an entire day of travel..story for another blog post)

After a few phone calls, Paradise Resort Apartments in Nyali kept popping up. Everyone had their own reasons for suggesting the place. Most notably was the cost, followed by its location, privacy security and closeness to the beach.

Quietly tucked in the heart of Nyali and approximately thirty minutes from Mombasa City center, lies Paradise Resort Apartments.

As I got to the parking lot, nothing much was happening that Sunday afternoon. The parking lot was almost empty apart from a heap of sand and broken tiles at one of the corners across the parking lot.At some point I thought I had missed my address, but as soon as my driver turned to the right and parked the car, all doubts were cleared. Some renovation work was ongoing hence the debris, and the face of the resort located to the right of the parking area which was secretly hidden from plain sight was now clearly visible. I was sold.

Everything else was in place,neat as a button.

My host had left the apartment keys at the gate.I wanted to check out the pool so bad and also see my apartment at the same time.

After fumbling with the keys for a while,obviously because of the divided attention,the door flung open and to say the least,was impressed by the simplicity,neatness and brightness of the interior.

I wanted to see it all! Everything. The inside, the back porch, the bedroom and bathroom. Simple is good.

Getting into the apartment.

The kitchen.

Dining area


The bedroom.

Laundry area that also leads to the bathroom.

The bathroom.

So, for Ksh 5,000 a night, I was to get all that, with access to the resort facilities. The place had a comfortable capacity of two, but could also accommodate a third person. There is a special arrangement by the host to house a group of three at an extra cost of Kshs.1000. So that means, if you are traveling as a pair, for only Kshs.2500 per person per day, you are set for a holiday.

A quick trip around the resort showed off graceful palms trees,lush green lawns,dots of garden lights,a  clean swimming pool and a nice cantilever shade to keep you cool under the sweltering heat.

Privacy peace and quiet.

Remember the call box?

Lush green lawns.

There you have it! The apartments are available to let both on long term and short term basis.

If you want to stay at Paradise Apartments; Contact them on:+254 721533112

I will be happy to know about your stay . Tag me on Social media and tell!

Keep traveling till the next post.



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