10 reasons why you should visit Kilifi County soon

10 reasons why you should visit Kilifi County soon

What if I tell you that you can go to the coast for three days and spend about Ksh 10,000 on transport, food, accommodation and still have some loose change to keep while at the same time having a lifetime experience?

Yes…then move closer and allow me to fill you in on this hole and corner deal. As we always say here at Bonita on Safari, it’s about traveling as  often as you can on a budget and enjoying yourself to the fullest.

  1. Transport to and fro is very affordable and comfortable.
Book a comfortable bus to Kilifi.

Comfortable bus to Kilifi, do not mind my chipped nail polish  🙂

A comfortable ride to Mombasa will cost you approximately Ksh. 3,200 for a round trip. There are many bus companies that ply the Nairobi-Coast region, but I have to admit I’ve had an exceptional experience with Dreamline buses. I recommend you book a return ticket to avoid disappointments on your way back.


2. Cheap and healthy dishes.

A proper meal in Kilifi County will cost you on average between Ksh 200-250 in the many eateries that serve delicious hygienic meals. Breakfast will not cost you more than Ksh 50 this will constitute of Chai ya tangawizi, yummy mahamri and some coconut mbaazi on the side, for instance.

3. Readily available and extremely affordable transport in form of Tuk Tuks.

If there is one thing I miss about the coast in general is tuk tuk rides! It has a capacity of three passengers  and charges Ksh. 100 within the town center and Ksh 150 outside the town center.  For convenience, if you move around a lot, outside the town center you can have one tuk tuk driver’s number for easy pick and drop services.

Tuk tuk ride...

4. Affordable Accommodation

Kilifi County boasts of so many tourists hotels. While on a budget, I strongly recommend Distant Relative Eco-lodge and backpackers. Accommodation here starts from Ksh 1,250 a night. They have very nice dorms,tents, and bandas. You can also come with your own tent and pay only Ksh. 500 a night!

I can see y'all backpackers, campers and budget travelers smiling :-)

I can see y’all backpackers, campers and budget travelers smiling 🙂

5. You can check out Kilifi Creek

When you come from Nairobi, the closest you come to a water body is Nairobi river, then why not visit Kilifi and enjoy this peaceful, beautiful scenic view of Kilifi Creek.

Kilifi Creek

Kilifi Creek

6. Enjoy an evening Sail 

An evening sail on a boat will take about two to three hours into the sea. You can carry your book, camera or drinks and sail your worries away as you enjoy the scene and appreciate the marvels of nature.

Evening Sail at the Tudor Creek

Evening boat ride at the Kilifi Creek

7. Visit Watamu 

Watamu Marine National Park is about an hour and a half drive from Kilifi. This is where you get to swim with the dolphins and  beautiful colorful fishes,snorkel, wind surf, sunbathe, water ski or just enjoy the cool ocean breeze. If you do not like swimming, a nice glass bottomed boat ride will definitely awe you.




8. Enjoy the street food culture

The streets of Kilifi are dotted with street food vendors. One thing I particularly liked about them is the level of hygiene even as they prepare their delicacies by the road side in the open air. When you visit Kilifi, make sure you try out deep fried cassava and ‘viazi karai’ served with tamarind sauce otherwise known as ‘ukwaju’.

Street food

Roadside delicacies

9. Learn about the Agiriama people and culture.

Nothing gives so much pleasure as traveling to a new place and learning a thing or two about the inhabitants of the area.I was in luck to visit a neighboring village. Had my new friend Mozda plait my hair at only Ksh. 80.00. She told me about their cultural practices and beliefs, and even invited me to spend a weekend with them…he he he I guess that means no paying for accommodation the next time I go to Kilifi…:-)

Had my hair plaited and taught how to wrap a lesso

Had my hair plaited and taught how to wrap a lesso.

10. The breath taking Kilifi sunset

Last but not least…This by far is the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The calmness, cool breeze, golden sky,orange sun, gliding birds, and sounds of laughter from friends just sums up a perfect evening in Kilifi.

Golden Sunset

Golden Sunset

There you have it…

Hope to see you visit Kilifi soon.






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  1. Gloria

    11 April

    Jeez……I so want to visit the place already thank you so much for the info and oh your pics damn!!!!!!watch out for#kilifitings#beautifulsunset…………etc…etc??

    • Bonita

      11 April

      Thanks Gloria, trust me you want to go there… Share your photos too when you go ?

  2. Sylvia Achieng'

    11 April

    A nice piece Bonnie..good work…
    I surely would love to visit the place a second time…

    • Bonita

      11 April

      Thanks Sylvia. I totally agree with you!

  3. Sheillah Cherotich

    11 April

    Niiiiceeee..travelling soonest,it seems sook ineresting.Thanks for the info

    • Sheillah Cherotich

      11 April


      • Bonita

        11 April

        Hi Sheillah, it truly is interesting… Make a point of visiting you will love it!

  4. Myra

    11 April

    Precise! It was all this and so much more. Kudos girl!

    • Bonita

      11 April

      Miss Bebz, I even feel I need to do an additional post! Maybe it should have been 50 reasons…

  5. Anonymous

    13 April

    Love it bony…now i inow where to go on a budget???

    • Bonita

      14 April

      Hey… I am glad I was of help ???

  6. Eva

    13 April

    This is a plan for sure! I’ve got so much psyche! Thanks Bonita, my heading there hopefully in June! !! Especially the tents bit! I’m a suckered for camping!

    • Bonita

      14 April

      Eva!! Am glad you liked it! Hope you will enjoy yourself in June. ???

  7. Anonymous

    16 April

    I loooove this!! Now I know where to look when I need a break from the hustle of Nairobi.
    bongibongi 😉

    • Bonita

      17 April

      I am very happy to hear you love this ! Go enjoy Kilifi ?

  8. Dan Makori

    5 September

    Wow! Clearly missing a whole lot of fun.?

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