The 5th Edition of Nairobi IG Tour

Nairobi IG Tour, organized by Turnup.Travel is a visual and photography tour that takes you to the ‘must-see’ places in Nairobi City, within chosen themes and is usually powered by a 24-hour activity-packed itinerary. It brings together content creators, brands and other stakeholders to co-create and share experiences online.

Turnup.Travel as expected, pulled yet another largely successful 5th  Edition of Nairobi IG tour themed ‘New Perspectives’ to showcase modern Africa. The Nairobi IG Tours have been critical tools used to enhance cultural relations through film and photography.

The 5th Edition of Nairobi IG tour

The 5th edition of Nairobi Instagram Tour was held on Saturday 7th September, during which the Global Trade Centre: East Africa’s first high-end urban complex located in Westlands Nairobi, Kenya was revealed. GTC has a total investment of more than US$400 million, covering an area of about 30,000 square meters and a total floor area of about 300,000 square meters.  

The team of travel content creators, lifestyle enthusiasts, and photographers who are constantly capturing the ever-changing Nairobi skyline started off their day with a sunrise shoot on the 36th floor of GTC Tower and finished off with an evening cocktail party at their swanky cigar lounge before starting out the second part of the 24-hour rendezvous.

Participants of the 5th Edition of Nairobi IG tour.

Partners of the 5th IG Tour

Turnup.Travel partnered with Avic International – Real Estate Kenya behind Global Trade Centre that has been developed as a landmark and city within a city, National museums of Kenya, YuanZhiYuan Chinese restaurant, the Good Earth Group, Techno mobile Kenya and Peperuka Limited.

Turnup.Travel, yet again re-introduced Nairobi city as a flourishing international metropolis with the5th Edition’s theme dubbed ‘New Perspectives.’

The experience.

A Nairobi sunrise from the 36th floor of GTC tower.

Nairobi IG tour always has an army of photographers, filmmakers, bloggers, a whole load of content creators, travel enthusiast, and expats. As one of its signature activities, catching the Nairobi sunrise, recording time-lapses, capturing shots and just soaking in the earliest golden rays always gives a nice jumpstart to the line-up of activities to be done in the 24 hours. Sunrise was from the 184-meter high Landmark office tower, which provided an undisturbed panoramic view of the city.

Breakfast at YuanZhiYuan Chinese Restaurant and a live cooking session

Breakfast was a tantalizing Chinese treat made of Dim Sum ( Small meals made of dumplings and other snacks that are served with tea), cold meals that include sweet and sour spare pork ribs, then the main course comprising of Chinese porridge, pok choy with mushroom and stewed Beef. There was also a live demo on how to prepare soulful Chinese cuisine.

As per the Chinese tradition, meals are accompanied by a tea ceremony which is a symbol of welcoming guests into their homes. Tea should also be taken while sitting down as a sign of respect.

Nairobi National Museum tour.

Not everyone who lives in Nairobi city has had the chance of visiting the National Museum on Museum Hill Roundabout, which is also approximately ten minutes away from the CBD. There is usually a pleasant surprise on the faces of guests visiting for the first time. In my opinion, any Nairobi city tour should include the museum trip in their itinerary because it gives a nice summarized guide of getting to understand Kenya’s culture, nature, contemporary art and history in just under an hour or so.

One of the most popular attractions at the museum is the snake park. To date, I have never understood the thrill behind tying snakes around necks and smiling for a Kodak moment. That can never be me. But guess what, it was such a ‘treat’ for most guys!

Lunch at Pan Asia Yao in Gigiri.

It is safe to say the 5th edition of the IG tour was mostly a Chinese affair. It was satisfying to watch how participants were keen to know more about Chinese culture through food, architecture, cultural practices, and martial arts. Lunch was served at Pan Asia Yao, in Gigiri. The restaurant is simply described as “a modern Chinese restaurant where classic comfort dishes are given a contemporary European flair”

After lunch, there was a short display of Taiji; a Chinese martial art practiced for both defense training, health benefits and meditation. For those keen on learning these skills, there is a Nairobi branch of Taijiquan classes run by Master Li. For a moment there it felt like a scene from a Shaolin temple movie.

A tour of the GTC residential units and  sundowner Cocktail at their swanky Cigar Lounge

In addition to the five-star JW Marriott Hotel, super high-rise office tower, international boutique mall, GTC has high-end commercial apartments that were showcased during the evening property tour. The one, two and three bedroomed apartments have been developed for global citizens each with a state-of-the-art finish and furnish. They are also distinctively different from each other in terms of size and interior. Living in the opulent executive apartments will be an ultimate experience of pleasure.

The apartments are available for purchase starting from Kshs. 22M for the one-bedroom apartments with a monthly income projection of about Kshs.250,000 all the way to the three-bedroom apartment at about Kshs.44M and a projected monthly rental income of Kshs 300,000.

JW Marriot at GTC.

Inside the Residential Apartments:

One-bedroom Apartment

Two bedroomed apartment
Three Bedroomed Apartments

The apartment community boasts of a rooftop garden featuring amenities such as pools for adults/children, leisure gathering lawns, Children’s Art Playground, and a jogging loop. It also features a Sky private club that will house a gym, spa, beauty salon, café, and a mini-cinema.

GTC is without a doubt Kenya’s benchmark urban complex project. Being the highest landmark building complex in East Africa, it is evident that the Nairobi Skyline will have another feather in its cap and an automatic enhancement of its international image.

Cocktails at GTC’s Sleek cigar lounge

After the residential apartments tour, there was a cocktail at the exquisite cigar lounge. Everything about the lounge imbued opulence, class, and world-class standard.

The beginning of the end of a matter

The tour coincided with one of the most anticipated dancehall concerts in Nairobi. It was, therefore, only right to experience Nairobi’s nightlife and a celebration of fashion, new age music and a true Nairobae vibe by attending the Konshens Concert at Ngong Race Course.


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