A nod for Jacaranda Hotel’s The Node Restaur...

A nod for Jacaranda Hotel’s The Node Restaurant and Bar

The Node

The Node; a swanky upscale garden-ish restaurant and bar, owned by the Jacaranda Hotels; Westlands, might as well be one of Nairobi’s best kept secret in as far as places to eat,catch a game and just hang out are concerned.

The Node

It is a three in one restaurant that includes; Café at The Node, The Garden Restaurant, and The Sap Bar. It is located about 5 km away from Nairobi CBD and it is directly opposite The Jacaranda Hotel Nairobi.

The Node, stands out for its unique selection of garden plants both potted,or naturally growing, in the beautifully landscaped space, making the place feel so warm and homely.

Café at The Node

On the right side of the entrance, was the charming open plan Café at The Node. The large marble counter set at right end of the restaurant had a tantalizing display of moist rich cake and pastry that imbued hunger vibes that were probably non-existent. Coffee and snacks were the ‘mains’ at this end.

Hanging immaculately right above the counter from the wooden ceiling were elegant, vintage blue chandeliers that splashed a classy feel to the already impressive decor.

The tables and chairs were laid out neatly around the counter and remaining space. The theme color green; I must say was so calming. The café décor was so minimalist, simple and modish. It made a nice workspace for digital nomads or semi-formal meetings.

One of my favorite sitting space at this end of the Node was a unique circular seat, beautifully decorated with colorful waterproof throw pillows and a round marble table at the middle that had a fire pit. If you have a girl’s lunch out or a birthday party, then I must say this is the one tables at The Node that you should be booking! You will love the space, the semi seclusion and the breeze.

See what I mean?

The Service

One thing that stood out for me was service! It was fast, I loved how the wait staff was attentive, and that was on the basis of the accuracy with which my order was confirmed and the wide variety of juices they had as I waited for my food.

The Menu

The menu was diverse and anyone would have been spoilt for choice. I loved the veggie options. There was Indian, Kenyan, and Italian delicacies. The portions were generous and the general wait time was about 10-20 minutes depending on your order. The background music was soft my pineapple mint juice was revitalizing and I was happy and ready for my wraps!

The Garden Restaurant

The Garden Restaurant was located next to the Café at The Node.

One side of the restaurant was well-lit long corridor with concrete tiles and perfectly arranged tables and seats that would have impressed anyone who gets obsessed with symmetry. It was such an optical nutrition. The abstract art on the walls blended seamlessly with the furniture colours. I loved how the and the sun rays peeped through the pergolas casting broken shadows on the floor below. The garden reastaurant was a mood by itself. That, was what I considered the ultimate brunch space.

At the middle of the garden below the terrace on the left was another space that I figure could be transformed to fit any sitting arrangement for a larger group of clients. At the time of visit, there was a romantic set up for a marriage proposal. The same open grounds had a some bar like set up with barrels instead of tables and higher stools with a backrest. And yes, you guessed right. This was were I sat after my meal to soak up in the evening warmth and finish a book I was reading.

The terrace was quite spacious and made a perfect setup for a small party of friends looking to enjoy the feel of the great outdoors without really going out. I would recommend it to anyone looking to host either a birthday party, baby shower or even graduation lunch. The left of the terrace also had a conference room. It looked like a great space to hold meetings or luncheons.

The Sap Bar

The last or the first stop depending on the entrance used or your ‘priorities’ was The Sap Bar. Basically, The Node is U-shaped, with the café and the bar on opposite sides with the garden restaurant at the center.

The bar had chilled happy vibes. It had space, was simple, welcoming, and cozy. A perfect choice for unwinding and, catching up with friends. What more is there to ask for if the bar is fully stocked and there are more that enough big screens to catch your favourite match?

At first when I walked into the Node, I spotted lots of ladies and wondered where the men were. But after checking out The Sap Bar, it occurred to me that football, beer, and big screens kept them at this end of The Node. And just like it was on the other end, the drink menu was equally diverse.

Can you imagine a three hour happy hour on selected cocktails everyday? from 5pm-8pm? Well, now you know!

Photos:Jacaranda Hotel and Bonita on Safari


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  1. Katy

    26 March

    wow wow wow….i love this place, especially the food looks really great!
    Thanks Bonita for the great work!

  2. Geena

    27 March

    Okay that food looks to die for!! I would have never guessed this restaurant was in Nairobi, it could easily be a swanky LA spot. Ill have to check it out if i’m ever in the area.

  3. Josy A

    27 March

    Oooh Bonita, this looks lovely. I wish we found places as cool as this when I visited Nairobi!

    I really like the way they have managed to blur the lines between dining outside and in. The grassy floors look like they’d be really lovely to smell as well as step on! Although, I guess it must be strange for whoever maintains it! A gardener within a cafe/restaurant/bar!

    All that food looks fantastic too. 🙂

  4. This post is making me so hungry! I’d love to try one of the slices of cake at the cafe and enjoy it on that cool circular seat in front of the fire pit. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous, I felt like I was there.

  5. I have some friends who live on the outskirts of Nairobi and will definitely recommend this place to them. Plus, I’m going to add it my list for when I go visit them. The pictures show this place is beautiful!

  6. What a cool place! I have some friends who live outside of Nairobi and definitely going to recommend they visit. It is very cool how there are many different vibes in one restaurant. I’m not sure what Kenyan food is yet, but I’m definitely interested in giving it a try. Adding this to my list for when I finally get to Kenya. Your pictures are also amazing – love the decor!

  7. Aimee horgan

    28 March

    This is a really helpful post, we are actually stopping in Nairobi as part of our honeymoon this Summer. So, will be sure to check this place out. It looks exactly our style.

  8. Meredith

    28 March

    Yes please, sign me up for the 3 hours happy hour! I’m always so amazed at restaurants who have such effortless chic style that is so comfortable and cozy. I wish I could pull that off in my own home 🙂 Awesome review of this unique restaurant/bar set up!

  9. Wow what a lovely, classy place! It looks quite unsuspecting from the outside too. I will add it to my list for when I am in Nairobi! The food looks great, and I love that it’s not only well-presented but that the portions seem pretty generous too!

  10. Jasmine

    29 March

    Was going to say awesome I thought the rug was until I realized it was patterned grass in tiles. LOL. Definitely, love the atmosphere – but the food had me drooling. Everything looks so flavorful.

  11. Jean

    29 March

    Coffee and cake? I’m in! Would you say it’s worth staying from coffee o’clock to wine o’clock?

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