Top 10 places to see in Dubai

Dubai; one of the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates is one of the most visited tourist destinations globally. Informally Dubai is known as the world of unparalleled marvels. I have put together a list of the top ten places to see in Dubai.

This includes the very touristy state of the art architectural structures, world tallest building(Burj Khalifa),world’s largest man-made island(The palm Jumeira), the largest Shopping mall, world’s only seven-star hotel, the longest dancing fountain,longest automated metro and the world’s cheapest public ferry transport (at the Dubai Creek), amongst many other superlatives under its belt.

These are many other factors have placed Dubai at a pedestal when it comes to tourism. I visited Dubai and came up with this guide that might help a first-timer check a few things off their bucket list.

1. Burj Al Arab-

The ostentatious sail-shaped Burj Al Arab (Tower of the Arabs) is the beacon of fine hospitality for the luxurious spirit. It is an icon of Dubai’s architecture Spanning 280 meters. It hosts some of the best restaurants in the world with 56 floors in its expanse. Guests get to choose from the over 202 finely furnished duplex suites with over the top views of the Dubai skyline and blue oceans.

The image I shot with my phone from Jumeirah beach
An up-close at the entrance of Burj Al Arab still shot with my phone.

2. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall has rightfully earned its place as the2nd largest mall in the world. The Mall has 4 floors- with over 1200 business stores and services. Visitors are treated to more than just a shopping experience. Walking through the alleys of The Dubai Mall is like a festival of sorts. Inclusive of a luxury hotel, restaurants and cafes it offers a shop and dining experiences for the millions of visitors trooping in the mall.

Dubai Mall Aquarium
Electronic shops in Dubai Mall
An eatery Inside Dubai Mall
Inside Dubai Mall
Inside Dubai Mall
One of the many designer shops inside Dubai Mall.
The famous waterfall inside Dubai Mall
Outside Dubai Mall

3. Palm Jumeira.

The palm Jumeira gets its name from its silhouette of a palm tree in an is an eye-catching beauty from above and a charm on earth. The island is an artificially fashioned archipelago dotting villas on the fronds and business suites, retail stores, and apartments on its trunk. The architectural mastery of the Palm Jumeira is awe-striking yet more amazing is the serenity undisrupted by the blend of business and pleasure that Palm Jumeira is. The Atlantis is also located at the Palm Jumeirah.

Image courtesy of
At one of the edges of the Palm

The Atlantis

4. Dubai Creek

Joining the Persian Gulf and the Ras Al Khoor bird sanctuary is the Dubai Creek. Away from the bustle of the city, the creek sets the ambiance for the ultimate offshore experience. Visitors are treated to the choice of cable car service or a dhow cruise in the blue waters of the creek. Whichever way you choose to cruise the creek you are guaranteed the spectacle of dolphin shows and an opportunity to sample the heritage of Dubai is one of its most ancient Museums.

5. Dubai Museum

In its walls lies the undertones of Dubai’s ancient life before civilization and spans the growth of the bub that now stands. From antique monuments to original samples of a visit to the Dubai Museum allows one a front-row seat to the hushed life of Dubai before the rise of the skyscrapers and metropolitan cityscape. It is the well-preserved heritage of the locals.

Dubai Museum
Top things to do in Dubai
Demonstration of ancient Dubai
Inside the Master bedroom of the ancient Emirati’s home.

6.Dubai Fountain

The wave of Music finds its home in the spectacle that is the Dubai Fountain. Paying off —-years of modern engineering water shoot 500 feet into the sky in a perfect symphony of choreographed music. The fountain rises and falls to the chords of genres of classical music and contemporary pop. The fountain can be viewed from a lot of different places and offers a once in a lifetime chance to see music dance.

7. Jumeira Beach

The white sand beach of Jumeira is  located along with the scenic views of landmarks such as the Burj Al Arab. Its length is awash with pristine white sands a popular attraction for visitors. It is complete with a beach hotel allowing guests to dine and relax. Guests enjoy an array of activities including picnic barbeques, children activities.

top things to do in Dubai
Jumeirah beach
Burj Khalifa as seen from Jumeirah beach

8. At the top of Burj Khalifa

Looking down on the world from the Burj, the momentous skyscraper is arguably every traveler’s dream. Dubai unfolds below the eyes from the highest observation deck in the world which takes less than a minute on the elevator 452 meters above the ground. From the top one can see the breathtaking skyline of Dubai and major landmarks such as The Burj Al Arab.

Burj Khalifa

At the top of Burj Khalifa

9. Dubai Frame

The Dubai Frame is an Architectural landmark that speaks for itself. The award-winning creation that blends the wild beat of Dubai life and the calm pulse of its past in a picture frame creation that rises as two pillars and is joined by a 93 M long bridge glass panel. The frame offers a different perspective from either side and represents the beauty of Dubai.

10. Desert Safari

Meet the culture of Dubai. A Desert safari is a must-have on the itinerary of any tourist to Dubai. An adrenaline-raising drive across the sand dunes complete with traditional dances, authentic cuisine and camel rides the desert safari is the complete package. Watch the sunset over the beautiful landscape and enjoy a starry night out and camping activities with your crew.

Desert Safari ready.

There you have it! What are the other places to see that I have left out in this list?


I travel, I write about travel. I take travel photos. Talk to me about destination reviews,cultural trips, and responsible tourism.


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