Tuliza Cottage- A lakeside country house in Gilgil...

Tuliza Cottage- A lakeside country house in Gilgil,Kenya

Nairobi living is not for the faint-hearted. When a Nairobian tells you they need a break,trust them.

Time moves faster in Nairobi but traffic doesn’t. For this reason, it is almost difficult to beat deadlines and meet clients at scheduled times. Moving around and getting things done is almost an impossibility. However,man must live. By the time you are done with the cycle, you you’ve completely burned out and the only perfect escape is a day or two out of town.

Getting out of town sounds great. Unfortunately settling on a destination that is not so far from Nairobi, is affordable, with a perfect view and with fun things to do within the vicinity can be challenge.

So with that in mind, allow me to introduce you to Tuliza Cottage,in Gilgil;Nakuru County,Kenya. Has all the qualities of a nice escape plus so much more.

Getting to Tuliza Cottage

It is a two a hour drive from Nairobi.

If you want to use public means like I did, it might take longer because for some reason, many people travel over the weekend so there is usually a temporary scarcity of matatus plying the route. Tip: Get to Mololine Shuttle approximately  two hours ahead of your departure time and book.(Hectic but worth the whole effort).

Get in touch with Ralph; the host who will guide you to the destination.

Tuliza Cottage

I like to refer to Tuliza as the perfect place to Tulia.

The cottage is a neo-rustic,self catering getaway located one kilometer from the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway and a stone throw away  from Lake Elementaita.

It has three self contained bedrooms and a loft which can comfortably  sleep 10 pax.

The interior is carefully done to appeal to a book lover,a collector,a photographer, people who love cooking and lovers of quiet and beautiful country house spaces. There is a piece of the house for a diverse population with different tastes.

There is a steep ladder that leads up to a loft that gives an aerial view of the house.The loft has a bed capacity of two.

Stairs leading to the loft.

One of the beds in the loft.

The kitchen is open plan, with an island cooker fitted with wooden drawers and cabinets.

Aerial view of the Kitchen.

There is a cozy veranda with large fiber filled cushions, potted plants and herbs, overlooking a well maintained hedge.

The veranda.

Will never look at  these boots the same way again.

To the right, there is a simple gazebo that can easily be converted into an outdoor dining table.

I love books;both for reading and hoarding. The wall to wall bookshelf fully stocked with books and magazines was so fulfilling. I  wanted to touch,smell and  open page to page, not with the intent of reading but to appreciate literature…The books,  gave the house its perfect finish.

Breakfast at Tuliza Cottage

One of the most memorable experience during my stay at Tuliza was breakfast by the lake under a lone tree, below the clear sky and right next to a makeshift hammock as we downed a proper English breakfast.

Breakfast with a view.

Can we repeat this again?

We were in luck to catch Flamingos during breakfast. I have been to L. Elementaita more than a dozen times but never seen as much Flamingos as I did that day.

I wont be wrong to mention we had a colorful breakfast; Pink flamingos,dark green Sleeping warrior and Ugali hills, greyish bluish waters, whitish diatomite deposits on the drier shores of the lake and brown grass.

Fun things to do while staying at Tuliza


Lake Elementaita is a rich bird zone even during the off season for migratory birds, there are still hundreds of other bird species to check out.

Lazy around

Do you know what else makes up a nice getaway? Chilling. Just chilling. Relaxing and catching a siesta under a shade. There are  more than enough hammocks in Tuliza. Just hop into one and cast your stresses away.This fun thing is best served with a chilled drink.

Check out Kariandusi hot springs

Up towards ‘table mountains’ is a naturally occurring crystal clear, hot water spring. I am told the best time to take a swim is later in the evening when the locals are done using the water and visitors can have the springs by themselves.

Visit Kariandusi Prehistoric Site/Museum

This site is believed to be where hand axes used using the Acheulian period in the human history was discovered. This site was uncovered by Dr. Richard Leakey.

Inside the Museum.

Acheulian handaxes.

The site is also home to the pre-historic lake bed that is rich diatomite deposits.

Enjoy the Scenic views of Wanjohi Valley.

And get to see the old Uganda Railways as it snakes its way through Nakuru’s ‘table mountain’.

Ogle over breathtaking sunset over the Lake

If you are in Luck to be right on time for sunset on a cloudless evening, you’ll be impressed by the golden sunset at it sinks peacefully behind Eburu Hills.

Star gaze as you keep warm next to the clay fire pit…

For the two nights I spent in Tuliza, I must say nothing came close to curling next to the fire place listening to some smooth Hugh Masekela. Comfort, warmth and a relaxed night is all we need sometimes.

There is so much more to do but since I was there for a day, I couldn’t exhaust the list.

I hope to go back for a proper hike then visit Utamaduni Village.


VERDICT: Wish I knew Tuliza earlier.

Get in touch with Ralph today for a nice holiday on +254 722 741 237 or +254 782 884 848.

Invite you friends to like their Facebook page as to prepare to book.

I give you my word…you wont be disappointed,

The house can go to as low as Ksh 15,000 a night for ten people. That means, if you travel with a group of ten you only pay Ksh 1,500 per person. (15,000 is for weekdays, and Ksh 20,000 over the weekend.)This however does not mean if you are alone or less than ten you can’t book! Call the up for a tailor-made package.










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  1. Katy

    25 February

    Tuliza is so beautiful, i would go back again and again. The post is well done and the pictures are just perfect…Good work Bonnita

  2. Cindy

    25 February

    Breakfast at the lake was breathtaking. I would visit Tuliza severally. Nice pictures Bonnita.

  3. Beauttah

    11 April

    Good job Comrade. I must visit this place

  4. David

    18 May

    Wow! Such an amazing place. Love the photos. A must visit.

  5. Mercy

    22 May

    This looks like a plan. I’m all for affordable yet interesting, new places to visit.
    Congrats on your BAKE Award, that’s what sent me here. Will check out the rest of your recs. New fan!

  6. Mercy

    22 May

    This looks like a plan. I’m all for affordable yet interesting, new places to visit.
    Congrats on your BAKE Award, that’s what sent me here. Will check out the rest of your recs. New fan!



  7. You did that clay fire pit justice. I remember my visit well. With a crew made of mostly people I had not met before which added even more fun to it. I got there late (Midnight) having enjoyed an intimate ride to the place. Keekopey was deserted. Ralph had somebody pick us in a double cab. Enjoyed catching up with the two people I knew and making lousy bad jokes to the new people.

    A couple of hours later, around 0200 hours, the crew filed in to catch some sleep and I was left behind. Grabbed a Maasai leso off the table and continued enjoying the fire warmth and some sleep, after having to chase the two family dogs away. Nothing beats off that night. The disapproval and disbelief from my friends, new acquaintances and even the housekeeper cum cook; the nigh sounds and waking up to sun in my face. That was a thing I will try again. Same place and even different places.

  8. hellen

    19 June

    awesome post. the place is just amazing

  9. Emma

    27 July

    I have to visit this place before the year ends. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Bonita

      1 August

      Please do, you will love it.

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