Greenwoods Campsite and Resort-Eldoret,Kenya.

Greenwoods Campsite and Resort-Eldoret,Kenya.

A few Kilometers from Eldoret town hides a treasure that travelers, adventurous souls, and lovers of nature will be more than thrilled to call home for a few nights either while on transit or when exploring the wider North Rift area in Kenya.

As we drove into Greenwoods Resort and Campsite, we were not prepared for what lay ahead of us. The Late December/early January heat and dust had nothing on Greenwoods. Lush greenery, manicured edges, graveled driveways fresh air, a cool breeze and a warm reception marked the start of an unforgettable stay in this part of the Rift Valley.

The entrance.

Compared to the many campsites I have been to before, Greenwoods stood out for many reasons but most notably was its tight security,ample space, an array of accommodation options, exceptional standard of hygiene and most importantly an amiable,homely feel that can only befit an establishment that has been built with love.


Camping Grounds

There are two spacious campsites each with its unique target audiences. For an extroverted group of campers who love their music and perhaps a small party, there is a campsite located at the inner right side from the entrance.

First campsite.

Spacious campsite.

The other camping site is located directly opposite the first one and has been separated by a live fence. All the campsites are properly leveled, have beautiful trees at their peripheries and nice garden benches.

Second campsite.


Accessorized grounds.


A hammock sounded like a good plan here…


On one end of the campsite is a hostel with a boys and girls section, each with a three bunk beds hence a capacity of six per side. They are fitted with high density mattresses and are properly ventilated and as you’d expect …spotless! For most camping travelers, having a nice clean soft bed after nights of camping out in the cold can be the best feeling. Sometimes you just want to walk upright and sleep




There are six cottages in the property. Each with a capacity of one to three people depending on the clients preference. The cottages are located at a secluded corner of the property.

Cabro paths that lead to the cottages.



The cottages are self-contained with hot showers and a private veranda all dotted with beautiful potted ornamental plants

Potted plants and a private veranda in each cottage.

The Family House

This is where the Greenwoods Resort and Campsite dream began. According our hosts, who are also the owners, the idea behind the resort and campsite originated from friends of their family who always thought the home would make a nice resort and a stopover for travelers. So they moved out from that family house, did some makeover and expansion and opened its doors to guests from all over the world. Everyone who visits Greenwoods and gets to meet the hosts always leaves a new family behind.

The family house.

The family house can be rented out as a unit or as individual rooms, or tailor-made to fit the desired capacity,again depending on the guest preference. It has a living room, fully equipped  kitchen, en suite bedrooms, common bathrooms and other single bedrooms.

The front porch is capacious and gives the perfect view overlooking the botanical garden as you chill and enjoy the fresh Greenwoods air.

Spacious front porch.

Nothing beats the sight of this bloom as the first rays of the sun gently kisses it good morning.

Spick and span washrooms

As I pointed out earlier, the level of cleanliness at  Greenwoods is practically one of the major reasons I will be heading back there sooner than expected.

As I got busy taking photos from building to building, room to room,I only noticed I was in the washrooms when I spotted lots of water taps in a row right in the middle of the room I was busy taking shots of. So clean were the washrooms that I continued biting on what I was eating as I headed out.

Self Catering kitchen.

Campers and travelers who opt for self-catering are well sorted with two kitchens one in each campsite. The kitchens are well fitted with sockets, cooking gas, treated clean water and a raised rack for drying dishes. A few steps from each kitchen is a designated bonfire area. I guess the plan here is to keep warm after dinner before hitting the sack.

Bonfire place.

Restaurant/Conference Facility

There is a restaurant at the resort that serves meals on prior request basis.I hope by the time I head back I will be having my breakfast in bed.

Greenwoods is a popular conference facility near Eldoret town for guests from within and also from far and wide. If you are planning a conference or office team building that will give value for money, with the much needed ambiance and relaxation then by now you know the place to head to!

Restaurant/Conference facility.

As I earlier mentioned, by the end of your stay at Greenwoods,there is a part of you that will remain there and you’ll have another family just like that.

Our host even took a photo with us! It doesn’t get better than this,does it?

My Recommendation: Call +254 791 391 666 or +254 722 764 065 and book your stay today, or drop an email to: and speak to Greenwoods.

NB: If you intend to have your meals prepared at Greenwoods, Kindly tell them in advance to help them in planning.



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  1. Stephanie

    5 February

    This sounds like a wonderful place!!! I love the idea of two different campsites based on the audience. I would probably go for the quiet more introverted side =). Your pictures are absolutely beautiful, I love the green! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Bry

    5 February

    Wow this looks like a wonderful place to visit! We are currently camping our way around Australia so it’s great to see destinations in other countries. It looks incredibly clean!

  3. I love how the owners/hosts have literally opened their home to their guests! This looks like such a wonderful spot to visit and unwind.

  4. All She Things

    6 February

    What a lovely place to visit. So green and peaceful.

  5. Madhurima

    8 March

    I am visiting Kenya this year. Though this place was not in the list initially, I think I have to look up for some space. Camping is always cool just that I am afraid of the security thing at times.

  6. Unta

    8 March

    Nice place to stay, especially because you can choose between two campsites. I like that you made a bond with the people there, memories for life.

  7. Caroline

    8 March

    I love the attention to the grounds and gardens. Looks so lush! What a lovely place to stay.

  8. Jasmine

    8 March

    I love how expansive the resort is and how many unique stays and experiences are offered. Great choice!

  9. Viola

    8 March

    I love camping! Looks like there’s so much nature to enjoy and the owners sound kind. Great find!

  10. Suzy

    8 March

    What a beautiful place to stay! I love the homely feel and look, it sounds great. And love the quote about walk upright and sleep straight, that’s definitely true! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Jayne

    8 March

    Those cottages look so cute. It’s good to see a more affordable side than the usual luxury safaris in the press.

  12. Carrie

    9 March

    This seems like the perfect place to decompress from a long travel day. I love that they have such a family vibe, and the dorms and cottages are a great addition for those nights when you just can’t stomach another tent. I’m hoping to visit Kenya this year and will definitely keep this in mind! What are the best things to do in the surrounding area?

  13. Limo

    6 February

    Looks great Bonnie!

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