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Dion Van Aardt- The Travelpreneur who tells his travel stories with pictures.

This month on the traveler, I spoke to Dion Van Aardt. Dion is an avid traveler with stunning travel pictures that ignites the wanderlust bug in all of us. He shared his travel experiences, how it all started and his travel goals. Who is Dion? I am a thirty six year old Kenyan,but was born in Zimbabwe. My family fled from Europe in the 1700’s for Southern Africa in search of a better life and we are all still here!   What inspired you to start traveling? My family has always been quite nomadic and in fact my great...

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I received The Versatile Blogger Award!

I love travel. I started this travel blog in February 2016 to document and share my travel experiences. Last month, I was honored to receive The Versatile Blogger Award nomination from Zoe of Zo Around the world. Zoe a self confessed over-organised travel planner has been to over 20 countries and three continents so far.Her blog is a collection of her travel experiences that focus on providing budget travel advice together with off the beaten path locations and itineraries. Travel has become part of Zoe’s life and she hopes to show her readers how travel can be a part of...

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Takawiri Island, the most beautiful island on Lake Victoria,Kenya

White sandy beaches,palm trees, cool breeze and turquoise waters are synonymous with the Kenyan coastline only…Well that is what I thought until recently when I visited one of the islands of Lake Victoria that is on the Kenyan side. Lake Victoria(commonly known as Nam Lolwe in Dholuo) was named after Queen Victoria by John Hanning Speke in 1858 who was on a mission to find out the source of River Nile;the Longest River in Africa. The characteristic feature of most of the small islands are narrow brown silt beaches where fishermen dock their boats during the day,narrow foot paths that...

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The 5th Edition of Rusinga Cultural Festival

Every last Thursday and Friday before Christmas, a colourful event dubbed the Rusinga Festival takes place in Rusinga Island,Kenya. Rusinga Island is one of the numerous islands on Lake Victoria and is approximately six to seven hours drive from Nairobi the capital of Kenya.  The other alternative routes from Nairobi is by flight to Kisumu then connecting to Mbita by road through Ahero-Katito-KenduBay-Homa Bay then to Mbita or use a ferry direct from Kisumu to Mbita. The Island  is one of the important archaeological sites in Kenya where fossils and the skull of Procunsul  Africanus was found by Mary...

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Are you ready for this year’s Kilifi New Year Festival? Kilifi New Year is a radically creative two-day explosion of music and tropical beach culture set on the serene banks of Kilifi creek in Southern Kenya. Incredible performances from around Africa and the world will come together to put on a unique, technicolor show to celebrate the intersection between Africa and the world electronic music. Kilifi New Year is a celebration, a location and a journey all in one. The third edition of the festival promises a bigger, better and bolder show. There will be a jaw-dropping line up of...

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