Voyager Beach Resort-Nyali

‘Jolly Evenin’ ladies ‘n gentlemen.Me moniker be cap’n Ndeithi ‘n I gunna be th’ cap’n ‘o ye ship. Me shipmates ‘n I gunna be at ye service to ensure ye heartly enjoy ye cruise. In case ‘o any questions, queries or assistance, kindly come to th’ quayside ‘n get help from th’ foul blaggart on call…’

This was the opening speech of Captain Ndeithi to the passengers aboard the Good Ship Voyage!

Well…I guess this is the closest I have been to a cruise ship. Technically, it is a cruise ship the only difference is that it  is permanently stationed on land.

Voyager Beach Resort is an old fashioned ship themed luxury hotel at the Kenyan Coast,located ten kilometers from Mombasa town in Nyali. I spent a weekend in this unique resort and the only recommendation I have is; pack your bags already!

This Resort is a popular destination for Kenyans and foreigners alike, so bookings should be done in advance. On the weekend I was there, the resort was a buzz of activities. All rooms were fully booked. Roads and flights were all leading to Voyager.  I had accompanied Team Twende Mara; a team of bloggers and photographers that was selected by the Kenya Tourism Board to take over its entire social media channels. Apart from us, there was Capital FM (Kenya)  that turned twenty and flew all of its staff over for the weekend, the crew and fans of celebrated musicians; Nigeria’s Wizkid and America’s Chris Brown and then the other guests who were just either on holiday or business.


As earlier mentioned, everyone was headed to Voyager that weekend. All flights were fully booked and the only option left was to travel by bus which I grudgingly agreed to. We got to Mombasa late at night and found a driver from the resort waiting for us at the bus terminal. (To facilitate transfers, share your ETA and respective pick up point with the hotel early enough). On arrival, we received a cordial welcome from the captain of the ‘ship’, who quickly gave instructions to his shipmates and in no time we were well fed and already headed to our rooms.

The room.

The room.

The Resort and Stay.

One thing I like about the Kenyan coast is the spectacular sunrise and sunset. My room was situated right opposite the sea front overlooking an infinity pool. The sound of sea waves crushing against coral reefs,the gentle whistle of the wind as it blows kisses to the graceful palm trees, who then sashay shyly from side to side, to the golden streaks of the early morning sun rays usually make for my alarm when I’m down at the coast.

View from my room.

View from my room.

Waves crushing on reefs..

Waves crushing on reefs…

Waiting for the sun to rise

Waiting for the sun to rise on a cloudy morning.

Good things happen to those who wait... haha for the sunrise.Photo credit:Wathanga photos

Good things happen to those who wait… haha for the sunrise.                                                                   Photo credit:Wathanga photos 

Sea Front Rooms

Sea Front Rooms

Seafront Rooms

Seafront Rooms

Breakfast is served at the main restaurant from 0700 hrs to 1000 hrs. Room service is also available on request. Meals are served buffet style.

There are three accommodation packages one can choose from; bed and breakfast, half board and an all-inclusive package. With an all inclusive package, there is an advantage of complimentary services and discounts,I had an all inclusive package and would encourage anyone to go for it. It affords one a-drink-all-you-can selected local alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, snacks served from 1000 hrs to 1800 hrs at the Kaskazi Bar, meals at Smugglers’ Cove (the seafood restaurant) at discounted rates and finally Italian cuisine at the Minestrone Restaurant.

There are four food outlets at Voyager; Mashua, Smugglers Cove, Minestrone and Kaskazi Snack Bar. Mashua is the main food outlet for all passengers on board.


Breakfast at Mashua with team Twende Mara.

Smugglers Cove, the sea food restaurant.


Kaskazi Bar

Kaskazi Bar.

Voyager is one of the destinations I have been to that has almost everything under one roof. There really is no need of looking for amenities or ‘fun things to do’ on a lazy day.

There are three swimming pools to begin with…

The Sports pool is best for energetic swimmers or fitness lovers.

The sports pool. Best for energetic swimmers.

The sports pool.

The fun pool is the entertainment pool, perfect for water sports like volleyball,polo, amongst others. It also has water slides.

The fun pool. This is the entertainment pool, perfect for water sports like volleyball,polo, it has water slides.

The fun pool.

Aerial View of the fun pool

Aerial View of the fun pool.

Then finally my favorite, the relax pool! This is specifically designed for peace and quite. If you have that book you have been reading for months…then this is the one place to finish it.

The infinity pool.

The infinity pool.                                                                                                                                                                       Photo credit:Wathanga photos

After a nice swim, a snack from Kaskazi bar then a lazy walk down to the beach is always a good idea.

Sea front of the hotel.

Sea front of the hotel.


An afternoon walk along the beach...

An afternoon walk along the beach…

When on vacation, relaxation should be top of the list on the to do things. At a roof top right opposite the Indian ocean and behind the sports swimming pool sits the cozy Swahili Lounge. It is ideal for an afternoon siesta. The Swahili seats, swinging beds and panoramic view of the ocean made it my favorite hangout area in the entire hotel. Nothing beats the chilled voyager’s cocktail in the afternoon and a backdrop of the ocean breeze.

Swahili Lounge

Swahili Lounge.


Swinging beds

Swinging beds at Swahili Lounge.

Cocktails at the Swahili Lounge

Cocktails at the Swahili Lounge.

Other drinks of choice can also be ordered from the Light House Sports Bar.

Light House Sports Bar

Light House Sports Bar.

Lunch is served from 1230 hrs to 1430 hrs. It is important to observe the preferred dress code at the restaurant during meals. It’s so tempting to go to the main restaurant with swimwear but it’s not allowed. All other forms of casual wear are however allowed during the day. Mashua serves a variety of cuisines in buffet style.Each day has it’s own theme and during my stay, I experienced the African theme. The various themes are taken quite seriously. From how the tables are set with African table mats and lessos, to African cuisines and entertainment by an African music band.

This Maasai-man sculptured from a water melon caught my eye.

African themed meals.

Information on entertainment and activities around the resort are always on notice boards. In case you miss the notice boards, the same info can be given at the reception…or better known as the quayside in Pirates English.

Notice board with Entertainment info.

Notice board with entertainment info.

It is almost impossible to get bored at Voyager, just spot someone in a bright yellow tee written A-Team, ask about the fun activity of the day. They are a friendly lot. I joined them for volleyball in the fun swimming pool and as expected it was simply fun-filled! There are many games to choose from…The choice is all yours.

Animation Deck

Animation Deck.






Kids are also well taken care of at Voyager. The adventurers’ Club located besides the animation deck has all it needs to keep the babies busy. This ranges from games like snakes and ladders, books, and toys all the way to the  to sleeping area.

Adventurers' & Young Rangers Club

Adventurers’ & Young Rangers Club

Toys for the kids.

Colourful painting to keep them busy...

Sleeping beds.

Sleeping beds.

If you are not an adrenaline junkie, then treat yourself to a deserved relaxing massage. The massage room has a beautiful view of the ocean which complements the relax mode.

There are five bars at the resort; Harbour Bar-open twenty four hours, Look Out Bar,Kaskazi Bar and the Light House Sports bar  which all close at midnight then Divers’ Bar that closes earliest, at 1800 hrs.

I liked the Look Out Bar a lot.I guess the name has a lot to do with its location. From the bar, there is a watchtower kind of view and you get to see most parts of the resort from a corner.

Breath taking view from the Look out bar.

Breath taking view from the Look Out Bar.

Don’t the cocktails taste way better with this view?…

Cocktail at the Look Out Bar

I think the cocktails tasted better from this side of the resort.

In the late afternoon, I recommend a good read. The Treasure-Trove Boutique houses one of the best bookstores I have been to. Magazines, fiction, non-fiction, biographies, self-help books, poetry, Africana and host of many other genres. In Neil Gaiman’s words, “What I say is, a town isn’t a town without a bookstore. It may call itself a town, but unless it’s got a bookstore, it knows it’s not foolin’ a soul.”


The boutique that houses the bookstore.

Entrance to the Bookstore

Entrance to the Bookstore.

One corner of books.

One corner of books.

As the sun crawls into its nest and ushers in a blissful night…the smooth baritone of the lead vocalist of the Jambo Africa Band singing to the famous ‘Hakuna matata’ song, sophisticated laughs and low toned conversations thickens the air, followed by civilized cheers and claps at the end of every electrifying performance. Some of the cabin crew members could be  spotted here and there picking orders as the dining area filled up with passengers on board. Everyone dresses up for dinner.


Jambo Africa Band performing.                                                                                                                           Photo credit: Life in Mombasa

The band will then give a powerful performance with a maintained tempo leaving the passengers begging for more. I remember being so consumed in their music to a point of having a minor heartbreak when the said they were done for the night at 2300 hrs.

It was hard to believe I was checking out the next morning.

Well if you are like me and saying goodbye to a Fantastic Voyage becomes a problem, worry not. There is an option to request for a late check out and schedule your departure for later in the evening then get to spend a full day in the ‘ship’!

A big shout out to Uber Kenya for sponsoring Team Twende Mara to the Chris brown’s/Wizkid’s Concert and facilitation of our movement to and from Mombasa Golf Club.

I hope you get to visit Voyager Beach Resort and have a taste of relaxation in a ‘ship’!



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  1. Anonymous

    20 October

    Great Stuff!!!

  2. Kunta Kinte Annette

    20 October

    I have read this and I feel like I should pack my bags right now!!!
    I love the ambience, so peaceful.
    Could you kindly share the rates?!
    Thank you Bonita on safari…

  3. Katy

    20 October

    Yes!!! Bonita on Safari did it again. This place is too lovely i feel like crying. I love the detailed description, i feel like i was there myself. I absolutely love the infinity pool and of course the Swahili lounge.
    Good job Bonita on Safari.

    • Bonita

      23 October

      Hahaha too good you feel like crying ???. Taking you there through a detailed description was the whole idea… Thanks Katy!

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Thanks Katy… I will take you there ????

  4. Julliet

    21 October

    Bonita, it’s high time you had an office with employees to help you direct people to such packages. This is an amazing piece and lovely work telling us where best to go……… I’m in love with the relax pool…….

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Hahaha Juliet… I should start with you already. You will be in the marketing team ???. Thank you hun!

  5. Eva

    21 October

    I’ nostalgic! !!! This place takes u away from reality. ..the post made me virtually experience it! I want to pay a visit as soon as I can!!! Please share the costs Bonita

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Hey Eva I am happy this post imbued that feeling of nostalgia and wanting to visit Voyager. Hope you will enjoy when you visit again!

  6. Corrine

    21 October

    My bags are packed! I am most fascinsted about the fact that it is a cruise ship.

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Corrine when you are ready halls at me ???

  7. Christina

    26 October

    This looks like an incredible place to stay! I always love when resorts have multiple pools so I’m very drawn to this. Glad you had a lovely time 🙂

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Hey Christina! I know that feeling exactly. Multiple pools in a resort is the best thing ever!

  8. Ivana

    26 October

    What a view! Looks so peaceful

  9. Nam

    26 October

    I definitely didn’t know that Kenya has such lovely resorts! I LOVE the watermelon sculpture! And that seaview!

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Kenya has all this and more! Visit one day and experience ???.

  10. Sassy

    26 October

    Oh my, such an incredible place, I wish I was there too! Gorgeous views for days! 🙂

  11. MARINA

    26 October

    Nice article! I have never had the chance to stay in such a hotel, but looks paradise! And that infinity swimming pool <3

    Exactly what I need after being working in the tourism sector all summer season! Now it's time to treat myself properly.

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Hey Marina go for that break already! It was a nice experience and maaan, the infinity pool was everything!

  12. Delaine Dcosta

    26 October

    Such a lovely hotel! Somehow, its reminded me of the DoubleTree I stayed in at Zanzibar. I can imagine how you would have felt with the view of the sea every morning & the sound of waves. It must have been absolute bliss.
    The dining options look amazing too. I’m always in for creative drinks! The water melon sculpture is fantastic! I’ll definitely look into staying here when I visit Kenya.

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Delaine! You’ve been to Zanzi?? Nice! Nothing beats the ocean view and the sound of sea waves every morning! Great to know you can relate.

  13. Natasha Welch

    26 October

    I’ve never been to into resorts but this one looks amazing! So much to do! Also, I’m in love with infinity pools they’re so gorgeous

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Hey Natasha…I had the same opinion as you until I tried this one.It is an all under one roof style. Thanks!

  14. Jacky

    26 October

    This looks lovely Bonita, thank you! Have recently been looking into honeymoon destinations and this certainly seems interesting!

    Jacky ?

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Hey Jacky…Try the Kenyan coast… I saw many newly weds at Voyager Btw. Happy wedding ???

  15. Brown Gal Trekker

    27 October

    The place looks very inviting. I get relaxed out looking at your photos too! Nice summary of the experience!

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Inviting and relaxing… thank you!

  16. Amber

    27 October

    Great read and beautiful photos! I’m a huge fan of all-inclusive resorts but I like how this hotel has the option to do bed and breakfast style, semi-inclusive and the full blown all-inclusive.

    • Bonita

      27 October

      Thanks Amber… Yes they have all those options to choose from!

  17. TheDan Muniu

    29 October

    Nyc one Bonita…. I love how you tell this story… I feel like visiting the place already

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