The Panari Resort Nyahururu

When you mention a daycation,weekend getaway or a holiday in Nyahururu Kenya, the obvious suggestion that usually pops up is ;The panari Resort Nyahururu.

The Resort elegantly sits on a twenty acre piece of land against a backdrop of the scenic Thomsons Falls  that gets its waters from the Aberdares as it makes its way downstream to join Ewaso Ng’iro river.

The Thomsons falls that forms the scenic backdrop of the Panari Resort.
Thomsons falls that forms the scenic backdrop of the Panari Resort.

Checking In:

There is an aura of class, peace and tranquility as you drive into the resort. The security detail at the entrance gives a clear confirmation of  guaranteed security during the stay.


On arrival, you are received by the resort’s manager who cordially welcomes you to the establishment as the porter takes care of your luggage that will be taken to your room as soon as you are cleared.

I got there at around lunch time and was directed straight to the restaurant for lunch.


The dining experience was exactly what I imagined and more. The dining room was exquisite with white walls adorned with expensive wall hangings,big windows, sliding doors, black polished tables with cream and dark brown seats that had bits of gold undertones. On one side of the room was an ancient statue made from Plaster of Paris and delicately placed on top of the fireplace.

The tables were set with snow white table cloths, polished silverware that could pass for mirrors and matching table mats. At every corner of the dining room stood attentive waiters and waitresses.

Finally the sumptuous buffet meal was cleverly displayed with the sole intention of spiking one’s appetite. Bliss.


Dining table.
Dining table.


Interior decor
Interior decor.

The Dining Experience.

Chicken and Vegetable soup for the starter.
Chicken and Vegetable soup for the starter.
Red Snapper, Chicken, and carbs for the main dish... Haha I know.. I was hungry stop looking at the size of the portion.
Red Snapper, Chicken, and carbs for the main dish… Haha I know.. I was hungry stop looking at the size of the portion.

When it comes to the dessert, one is definitely spoilt for choice! So much to choose from.

Had to settle for something..
I had to settle for something…


Transport to the room was by these clean,colorful and classy buggy cars. They are available on request. The signage to the different areas  of the resort has been properly done and hence no unnecessary confusion considering the size of the resort and the identical buildings.

colourful buggy cars.
Colorful buggy cars.


Proper signage.
Proper signage.

A welcome note neatly placed on the hardwood table from the manager of the resort was one of the highlights of my experience.Every guest wants to feel welcomed,taken care of and assured of a comfortable stay…Well done Panari.


As the warmth of the welcome note sipped through my system slowly, something else caught my eye.The room. It had a queen size bed,with white covers and lemon lime pillow sets, a huge floral wall painting with a corresponding colour scheme,an African themed bedside lamp, roof to floor window with drapery curtains that complemented the bed and wall colors. It had a polished wooden floor, furniture made from Mahogany wood (haha I guess) and a beautiful modern fireplace. On top of the table was an electric kettle, bottled water and an assortment of beverages for a quick fix.

The room
The room.
Hardwood Furniture and a fireplace.
Hardwood furniture, polished wooden floor and a warm fireplace.
Thou shall not be thirsty in the hotel room.

Modern hair drier.

Sliding doors that lead to a panoramic view of the Marmanet forest.


I love wall hangings. There were two high quality canvas painting  carefully and thoughtfully placed on the wall facing the sliding door. Products of fine art. Art that takes you back into time.


The room is self contained and  has a modern bathroom that is well stocked with towels and toiletries.

Clean tap and sink.

Good quality Shampoo and shower gel.

The H tap actually gives instant hot water…no stories…

Abundant supply of white, fresh fluffy towels.

There was yet another surprise that awaited me when I opened the sliding door that led to the balcony. The panoramic view of Marmanet forest,The gushing water from Thomson’s falls as it furiously made it way down the gorge and the wide angled clear horizon.



The chirruping of birds and the gentle breeze in the valley added flare to the already perfect picture that nature had painted.

The front porch of the room paved way to the other side of the hotel giving a sense of direction and bearing in case one felt lost.

One view of the resort from the room.


Views from the front porch.

Fun things to do:

In case you are wondering what else there is to do in the resort then wonder no more. The resort houses a fully equipped gym, a heated indoor swimming pool that is right opposite a small bar, Eucalyptus Spa and Salon, aerobics and yoga studio. There is a trained instructor on site just in case you need assistance

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool.
Poolside restaurant.


Aerobic Studio
Aerobic Studio.


The lemon water at the gym entrance.
The lemon water at the entrance to the gym.


Fully equipped gym.
Eucalyptus Salon.
The Spa.


As you walk away from the utility complex, there is a site to behold. Manicured lawns, no stray grass, an artificial water fall, lovely benches,swinging seats, fresh air and a few ornamental canons.

Manicured lawns.
Manicured lawns.
Swinging seats fro relaxation. Ideal for reading.
Swinging seats for relaxation. Ideal for reading.
Do not step on grass :-)
Do not step on grass ?
Benches,aren’t they cute?
More benches.
Then more benches.
Ornamental canons.
Ornamental canons.
more buggy vans...
More buggy vans…
Kid's play area.
The well equipped kid’s play area.

After a stroll around the resort, I ended my evening at the Silk Oak bar. This is where style meets class. Enough space at the counter, leather lounge seats and a sufficiently stocked bar!

Silk Oak Bar.
Silk Oak Bar.
Hanging wine glasses.
Hanging wine glasses.
Spacious round table and seats.
Spacious round table and seats.
Thirsty merchant making his way to the bar.
Thirsty merchant making his way to the bar.
More space.
More space.

It is true what the say when you are having a great time…Time flies.

It was a memorable stay at Panari Resort Nyahururu and will definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For more information about the resort, visit their website here.

Or drop them an email on…




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  1. Benardtheblessed

    31 October

    hmmm!…Great review right there. It felt like i was with you during the safari.Will surely visit soon.

  2. Theche Benjamin

    31 October

    Thank you for the candid review following your recent stay at The Panari Resort Nyahururu. We truly appreciate your thoughts and we are glad to hear that overall you enjoyed your stay

  3. Philloh

    31 October

    Wow, I should be visiting there like yesterday. Lovely

  4. Sheila Tanui

    31 October

    It not only seems fun but looks like an amazing to definitely visit

  5. Julliet

    31 October

    Here I am thinking king the coastal area is best for relaxation……..This is one plce to be, agenda 2017, I already feel like I’m there. This is yhe best travel item I have read today, definitely a place to RELAX……….Thank you Bonita, may the Lord take you to more of thrae places……

  6. Julliet

    31 October

    More of these places…….

  7. Julliet

    31 October

    What are the rates for a shirt Friday-to-Sunday weekend? How can I get there?

  8. Eva

    31 October

    This place screams classy relaxation! Just a haven for an executive transiting through nyahururu or a group of corporates heading there for some conference! I’m sold! All I need now is a briefcase, suit and one of those entrepreneurs workshop retreats!

  9. Corrine

    31 October

    I dont know if it is the way you write, the photos or just the places you visit, and by this post youve stolen my heart, it is very impressive
    The indoor pool just awesome
    The H tap lol Bonita

  10. Katy

    31 October

    I absolutely love this place ! I find their style exceptional and exquisite too! I could not help but notice the wonderfully done pieces of art on the wall, the buggy cars are also noteworthy. This is really beautiful.
    Bonita this is impressive work!

  11. Myra

    1 November


  12. Anonymous

    1 November

    Hmmm don’t know if it is the pictures of the place or the words you used to describe it that make me want to discover this place! …as it makes its way effortlessly down stream …aura of class, peace and tranquility … displayed with the sole intention of spiking one’s appetite
    Enough already! Attention grasped!!
    Way to go BoniBonez

  13. Kristine

    9 November

    Great review! The resort looks wonderful. Peaceful and elegant.

  14. Sara White

    9 November

    Great review! I generally shy away from larger resorts, but this one definitely looks appealing – I like that the rooms look modern and not dated and generic, and the grounds look really well-kept. Details are everything for me, and I love the wood-based lamp on the nightstand!

  15. india paine

    9 November

    Brilliant review! This resort looks lovely, and the buffet and food looks very good!

  16. Sounds so classy yet cosy at the same time! I wouldn’t go for a resort, but the scenic views are worth a little lifestyle diversion 🙂 BTW, your reviewing style is so pleasant to read and they way you talk about details is is really engaging.

  17. Dora

    9 November

    Nice review and photos of the resort! Made me relax just by looking at the photos! The area must be amazing.

  18. Cristina

    9 November

    Looks like you had a great time. The food, the room, and the surroundings all look great. I would love to visit one day.

  19. Soumya Nambiar

    9 November

    The staycation looks like so much fun. It is always nice seeing resorts like these that cater to every kind of traveler. Bogies look so adorable.

  20. Rosemary

    10 November

    Great review. Looks like a really lovely place. It definitively feels very serene and peaceful. The perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Sounds like you had a great time!!

  21. Emma

    10 November

    The resort looks very luxurious – the rooms are beautifully designed and I love the pool area! And that waterfall is stunning!

  22. Soraya

    11 November

    Looks like a great place to rest and relax. I really liked the brass style fittings in the bathroom. And the garden area looks very well maintained and relaxing. I think I would enjoy my stay here!

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