Tiana Court;Milimani-Kisumu, Kenya

My definition of a good homestay is a place I would stay in.

I found yet another home away from home in Kisumu’s Milimani Estate.

From experience, accommodation in Kisumu lies on the extremes. The good ones are quiet expensive but worth every cent, while the ‘others’ are very affordable but have a different script all together.

The others… A brief description…

The hotel rooms usually have a lingering smell of mostly paint mixed with paraffin, has odd shaped mismatched slippers, towels are as rough as a tree’s bark, they always have a tiny caged TV ,sharply contrasting tiles and duvets with permanent stains. There is usually a bold notice (in red) as you go to the hotel rooms warning you that the management will not be liable for loss of stuff in the rooms. Sigh…In addition to all this, the ground floor usually has a bar/restaurant with noisy patrons and clients alike.

These and many other factors are some of the reasons why home-stays are quickly becoming a darling to most travelers both frequent and otherwise. Privacy, hygiene, space, a home like environment and personalized services and most importantly security.

Tiana Court

Tiana court boasts of all the above qualities and more. Tiana is like aged wine in a stylish bottle. An old fashioned bungalow with a modern touch and splashes of good vibes. It is a perfect example of a home-stay I would strongly recommend to anyone visiting Kisumu, Kenya.

Tiana on a sunny day.


The court sits on a two acre piece of land and is a stone throw away from Lake Victoria in a very quiet neighborhood. It is easily accessible from the CBD even using motorbikes (which is also known as ‘peng’)

Checking In

The host and staff are super friendly right from the gate as you walk into the bungalow. Everything is orderly and a sense of ease and comfort steadily kicks in as the smiles become warmer and your bags are taken into the house.

The grass is greener in Tiana, the sun is not as hot thanks to the mature trees dotted within, the birds are happier and the air is fresher.

Of mature trees and shade.

Inside the court

The inside of the court surpasses the expectations one had and is an advancement of the niceness that was outside. A verandah that makes want to read each word in the dailies…

Entering the house.

The front porch.

Peach walls, hanging Scandinavian lamps at the dining area, beautiful art works on the walls, a fifty something inch TV set with a home theater system, a vintage treasure box style table with chocolate brown seats that complement the polished wooden floor and a rustic styles dining table with visible nuts and bolts.

Modern interior.

Entertainment is well catered for.

Still wowed by this dining table.

It doesn’t get more rustic than this.


Colours are in harmony here.

The house has five bedrooms all en-suite each with a different colour theme and self-contained DSQ.


Master en suite.

Part of the bath accessories.

Spotless,clean and shiny.


Rainy shower heads in the bathrooms.

There is kitchen that opens up to the backyard which is even more spacious, perfectly manicured and garnished with garden lamps. Everything is at its place and the space is spotless.

The style looked like every cleaning must be followed by a nice polishing!


Backyard view.

Reasons why you should book your stay at Tiana Court.

[button] Accommodation is very fair; from USD 30 per night with complementary breakfast. Most amenities are in the vicinity e.g. malls, hospitals, banks etc. There are many fun things to do during your stay like, going for a sunset cruise in Lake Victoria and also checking out the Impala animal Sanctuary. It is roughly 20 minutes from the airport, and a 10 minute motorbike ride to the CBD. Service is top notch, with a knowledgeable and helpful staff . The court can house a group of friends and family all under one roof. It can be booked both long term and short term stay. The house is always spotless and smells so fresh,the bedding and towels are petal soft and spotless. The neighborhood is secure and safe. Booking can be done online. [/box] [/button]


Call the on +254725734887 for more info and bookings.


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  1. Valerie Hansen

    4 October

    What a lovely place to stay! Everything looks so retro, looks comfy and unique! I would love to visit Kenya, thanks for sharing!


  2. Nadia

    4 October

    Looks like it would be such a nice, comfortable stay! Love all the pics 🙂

  3. Anwesha Guha

    4 October

    This is a good review! I would love to stay in such a nice homestay. Thanks!

  4. Anjali W

    4 October

    Wow! This seems such a beautiful, affordable and well maintained homestay option while travelling to Kenya. It has lovely surroundings too. Definitely a must stay! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Linnea

    4 October

    Wow! It seems like such a great hotel! I love how close to the airport it is too!

  6. Johna

    4 October

    Ahh yess. I love it when I go ouy of town and the place we stay at feels just like home. Definitely makes me feel so much more relaxed ❤️ love the garden as well!

  7. Natasha

    4 October

    Very cute, it feels so homey and warm, a refreshing take on a hotel. Love places that feel different like that.

  8. Cherrie Almonte

    4 October

    Looks like a very good place to stay! Will def keep this in mind when we go!

  9. Shivani Sharma

    5 October

    This is such a cute little place with a spacious garden area, a perfect place to spend a weekend. Even the price per night is also nominal including breakfast, that’s a steal 🙂

  10. Richa

    5 October

    Looks like a great place to stay for just $30 a night. We just returned from Kenya but if we ever go back will keep this in mind 🙂

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