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When Mark Wambui travels,we all take notes…

Traveling always feels like an escape… its like you leave all your problems, fears and worries behind till you return. On the road I feel alive, excited… there is so much to learn, see, experience. Plus you have that extra benefit of meeting new people… and this is strange but for a long time I used to pressure myself in wanting to talk to people… but being on the road has taught me that the people you were meant to meet you shall… you just need to be open to it.

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An overland trip to Turkanaland with Xtrym Adventures.(Part I)

Twenty daring travelers with an indomitable spirit and a crew of five from Xtrym Adventures braved the December heat and almost impassable roads, leaving behind their loved ones over the last Christmas holiday to explore the Northern frontier.One thousand three hundred and eighty eight kilometers later, ten counties and a total of six stops in an overland truck made up the Odyssey.

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