Maasai Mara – The Great Migration season.

Maasai Mara – The Great Migration season.

It is that time of the year when the migration season at the Maasai Mara is happening.   There is something about the Mara that one will never get tired of, or I personally do not get tired of.   There is always some newness and adventure every time and never the same from the last.   From the game drives to the hotels to the people, always something to look forward to.

The last time I was there, courtesy of Bigfoot Adventures Kenya, I had the privilege of being hosted by the Fairmont Mara Safari Club who turned out to be amazing hosts.   The beauty about Fairmont is that is conveniently located by the Mara River.   This means you will sometimes have a free show of the hippo and crocodile activities right from the small balcony of your tent.  The rooms and facilities give you a good feeling of special treatment and you easily forget you are in the wild.

I was in the wild for a short time but still long enough to get the most and the best of it.   This short or long time consisted of comprehensive game drives each day and on one of the days we got to have a full day of pure game drive.   On this day we were going to the Mara Conservancy so we had lunch packed for us by the hotel as we would be coming back in the evening.   Now imagine a full day of roaming and exploring the wild so you can guess how much there was to see.

Funny thing about the Mara is that every time I have been there I have not witnessed the famous migration.   I always miss the action when it is happening.  Most of the time, I find a herd of wildebeest after they have just crossed the river.  Maybe this time I should plan to literally wait by the river with no other plan of seeing the other game just to witness this famous wonder of the world, so I hope this happens.

As usual you do not leave the Mara without visiting the Maasai village.   The folk there will always have interesting things to share, sell or show like they did on how to light a fire without a match stick.   I asked if I could try and was quickly told it is not the work of women to do so.   It is amazing how they really uphold their culture.

And as always, I do not end my day without chasing some magic from the skies and I did catch the beautiful Mara sunset that ended a satisfying adventurous day.

The good thing about the Mara is that there is something for everyone if you plan well and want to have a good time of adventure.

  • The hotels, lodges and camps range from budget, semi-luxury and luxury in terms of price and they are too many so the variety to choose from is wide.
  • On transport, it would be best to have a good vehicle that can tolerate the weather roads of the Mara
  • Always have an open mind – that is what adventure is about anyway.


“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure.  There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open”. – Jawaharial Nehru

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  1. MARY

    16 April

    The wildeebeest can be tricky. one client arrives for a 2 night safari and pop! they jump in. Another camps for 2 weeks and lo, nothing.
    Keep visiting, you will still get there. that notwithstanding masai mara is a good place to get away to , to hear in the midst of the night the different animal voices.

  2. Karanja Njiiri

    31 August

    The Masai mara is one of the best location in the world to view and observe the big cats among other mammals. What makes the Mara famous is also due to the nature of the landscape, its easier to take great images of the wildlife. This year 2020 has seen more than average rain and one of the best crossings in recent times. Thank you for the great artical and images. #Magical Kenya

  3. John

    16 January

    Thank you Bonita for this incredible article. Wildebeest Migration is a yearly event that inspires many to witness. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Jon Alves

    25 February

    Great post with a well information. Thank you for sharing.

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