Rusinga Island Lodge.

Rusinga Island Lodge is a little kept secret. An oasis of love and romance. So hidden that until you get into the lodge you won’t exactly know what lies behind the walls.

The lodge came in highly recommended as one of the best destinations to unwind and rekindle love at the Kenyan ‘west coast.’

An airstrip,manicured lawns,happy host and the aroma of delicious food as you walk in gives a rough idea of how the general stay will be. I finally understood why it was highly recommended. I mean, if love and all other things were constant I think a combination of a wedding and honeymoon in the same venue would work perfectly.

The lodge boasts of some many beautiful things; like a lovely sunrise,

Lovely sunrise.

Pleasant lake front view,

Lake front view.

Lake front view.

Green carpet grass,

Carpet grass

Indigenous trees,

Decades old indigenous trees.

Breathtaking canopies that try to hide the sun from above and cute  birds of varied species,


More birds

Porch swings,

Garden furniture made from hard wood,

A long,firm impressive pier,

The pier!

The signature cushions on a raised view point overlooking the lake,

And a few palm trees dotting the shoreline.


Rusinga island lodge is the perfect place to pause time, forget the city and teach yourself how to breath fresh air again. Bliss.

As this valentines draws near, this is the place to visit with your better half.

Romantic set up,privacy guaranteed, self contained spacious cottages with furnished patios that are suitable for a quiet cuddly evening overlooking the lake.

If you are a sporty and adventurous pair, the lodge can organize water sport activities like kayaking,


a ride to neighboring islands for sight seeing, bird watching or photography.

Other activities are;an organized game drive to Ruma National Park(Kenya’s only home of the Roan Antelope), a visit to Takawiri Island, the palmy Island with a white sandy beach on Lake Victoria.


Book a stay at Rusinga Island lodge and have an adventurous stay as you unravel this hidden gem with your loved one this valentines.

Rusinga Island Lodge has an airstrip right inside the lodge and together with Fly 540, they have a fantastic  flying package.It doesn’t get cooler than this does it? Contact them today for bookings  at:, or Tel: +254 20 2531314 / 5 and Cell: +254 716 055924 / +254 734 402932 / 0733 – 121148.

For a road or self drive package,contact Saiwa Safaris, via email on or Mobile: +254 702 137 100/ +254 738 142 177 for bookings as well.


Hope you enjoy your stay!






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  1. Eva

    5 February

    This looks so coastal I couldn’t imagine rusinga this way!

  2. Eva

    5 February

    Perfect spot for him to propose!?????

  3. Samantha

    6 February

    This would make such a perfect honeymoon destination, or something to just add on to a more adventurous holiday to relax and unwind at the end. I love the river views, you can do nothing but relax when surrounded by beauty!

    • Bonita

      10 February

      Hey samantha, you are absolutely right! It is a Lake. Lake Victoria.

  4. Daniel

    6 February

    Looks amazing place to stay.

    • Bonita

      10 February

      It is an amazing place. I agree with you.

  5. Looks like a very relaxed and chilled out place, the perfect place to go to escape the noisy city.

  6. Stephanie Fox

    6 February

    This looks absolutely stunning! I could easily pass hours sat on the seat over looking the lake, and the sunrise looks like its worth waking up early for.

    • Bonita

      10 February

      The sunrise is amazing, chilling lazily at the lake shore is the order of the day here.

  7. The place seems so serene, I can just imagine myself relaxing there on those cushions, next to the lake, thinking how amazing life can be! 😀 Thanks for sharing.

    • Bonita

      10 February

      Hahahaha I know right? I loved the cushions as well. Temporary amnesia to world’s problems!

  8. Myra

    8 February

    Bony you really get us the hidden gems loving this blog more and more! ?

    • Bonita

      10 February

      Thanks Miss bebz! I am glad you get ideas from the blog.

  9. Duncan

    11 February

    Very informative! Kenya is so beautiful,Thank you.

  10. Snigdha

    12 February

    What a romantic retreat.. And such a beautiful place to be with your beloved. I would sure want to be there with my one. Thanks for the share..

  11. Maria

    12 February

    That is a perfect place for a Valentine’s retreat! But I would go there any time in the year. The photos are amazing and I think I’m about to get Kenia in my list.

  12. Anna

    12 February

    Oh my, I could really use such an oasis right now, the place looks incredible. I wouldn’t even guess it was a lake, I’d expect something like this to be on the ocean coast. Thanks for sharing this post, I would probably never hear about Rusinga Island otherwise!

  13. Dave

    12 February

    Awesome photos and guide! Such lush colors… I’d love to explore more of Africa and Kenya, but didn’t know where to start before now

  14. Swati

    12 February

    Looks like an ideal retreat for a peaceful and relaxing vacation. Love all the pictures and the resort has so much of greenery. Love the cushion set up overlooking the lake, looks so inviting.

  15. Wonderful places. Thank you for sharing the experience. I wanna take my family there sometime soon.

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