The crocodile scarers of Chebloch Gorge-Elgeyo Mar...

The crocodile scarers of Chebloch Gorge-Elgeyo Marakwet(Kenya)

A trip from Kabarnet town  of Baringo County to Iten (Elgeyo Marakwet County) via the Kabarnet-Iten-Eldoret Highway is not complete if you dont make a stop at Chebloch gorge.

Chebloch gorge is a major tourist attraction in the area and also acts as a boundary between the two counties.

Kerio river from the nearby Elgeyo escarpments  cuts into the gorge especially during the rainy season to depths more than 20 meters.


At the time of visit, drought had hit the area and the level of water had dropped significantly inside the gorge.

A few years back Chebloch gorge made headlines in Kenya for having youth in the area diving into the gorge to earn a living. Being a tourist attraction, the young men quickly came up with theatrics to entertain guests by diving in the crocodile infested river at a fee. We were charged Ksh.500.00 for each diving act.

According to a funny tour guide I spoke to, a local, crocodiles almost die from heart attack and flee for dear life when the young men dive sharply into the river.

A part from the magnificent view of the gorge with a backdrop of the Elgeyo escarpment, there are other fun things to do like interacting with  the locals, a village tour, and  swimming in Kerio river (well the rocky shallow ends with no crocodiles.)

I remember having small talk with a lady who was selling tasty mangoes a few meters from the bridge. We quickly clicked because of her warm character and in no time she was talking me into buying ‘Damaris’. I struggled for a while trying to figure out what that was until she she pulled a basket under her mango stall and handed me a handful of Tamarinds!

Apart from Damaris, young boys can also be seen peddling fish from the river.

If there is one place I have made a brief stop during my travels and felt the warmth of the locals, then it must be Chebloch.

The Kenyan Western circuit is adorned with breathtaking sites, warm people, a wide selection of accommodation options, an endless list of fun things to do and generally good vibes.

Have you visited Chebloch before? What was you experience? Would you like to visit Chebloch? Let me know as well…

Love and wanderlust,

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  1. Oh I wish they weren’t scaring the crocs! Looks like an interesting place to visit, the locals sound so incredibly warm and friendly!

  2. Wendy Maes

    20 February

    I wouldn’t count on scaring a crocodile! One day there will be a brave crocodile to scares the diver to death.

  3. Stephanie FOx

    20 February

    Its a shame they think its ok to scare the crocs! But the gorge looks very impressive and the fresh fish look delicious. You wouldn’t catch me diving in though!

  4. Sourav

    21 February

    Interesting place to visit. Lovely pics.

  5. Milijana

    22 February

    The crocodile almost died of a heart attack ! Love the humour ! Lovely story.

  6. Hehehe, really, a genuine heart attack?! 😀 Incredible how tourism often influences local communities. One doesn’t know whether to laugh at situations as such or to be scared for the lives of both crocodiles and those young men. Love the gorge, though, great pics!

  7. Galia.Vu0107

    26 February

    WWowww! It’s really incredible experience. Especially Kerio river’s amazing, and your gallery is so beautiful. Young boys can also be seen peddling fish from the river. -> It’s so strange!

  8. Ariane

    26 February

    I absolutely love the pics you took… especially the one with the diver on it… just perfect timing 🙂 But I’m a bit worried for the scared crocodiles though 😉

  9. I’ve never been to Kenya before but it sounds like a great place to visit – I always love hearing stories like this and places where the locals are so friendly to tourists!

    • erick

      22 March

      its real, a great place to visit

  10. Nina

    26 February

    I would love to get to Kenya one day! I love gorges in general. I have one near me in the US that I love going to with friends.

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